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Yoyoi Kusuma, A Face No2, 1953 ,27.4×20.3 cm

Since childhood, Yayoi Kusama has drawn dozens of drawings everyday capturing her hallucinations.
This exhibition will present the starting point of the artist’s creative career, showcasing her earliest drawings and watercolor works – mainly created in her hometown Matsumoto back in the 1950’s. The display of these 40 paper works will be divided into two viewing terms during the exhibition period. Alongside showcasing her latest canvas series ‘My Eternal Soul’ and her recent Mirror Room, the exhibition will introduce Yayoi Kusama’s creative starting point, tracing the footprints of abundant ingenuity of an artist who continues to know no bounds, saying ‘Here, Now, I have Reached the Grandest Start of My Life’.

Yoyoi Kusuma Museum, 107 Bentencho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-0851 |  Japan


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