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Who We Are

World Art Foundations was set up in 2014 as the result of our experience founding and managing the Herman Krikhaar Foundation. We strongly felt the need to create a network for foundations to share ideas and unite to help everyone work together, solve issues and magnify their voices.

We see Art Foundations as beautiful, isolated islands with many hidden jewels and we therefore designed WAF to become the enabler whilst also putting them in the spotlight.

Peter Deckers and Helena Stork, Co-Founders

“At WAF we proudly create synergies between Art Foundations worldwide, whilst sharing their stories and celebrating their uniqueness with our global audience.

We believe in advancing together in the context of common goals and shared values.”

Clare Hindle and Nina Febo, Co-Directors


” We have created World Art Foundations as a place of exchange between the Foundations whose number continues to grow worldwide. By its presence on the web, the WAF website acts as a soundbox of their actions to the international art public ”

Helena Stork, Co-Founder, World Art Foundations

“The close relationship between Art and Architecture takes meaning when visiting Art Foundations: In the same way that each Art Collection is unique, so is the architecture of Foundations. Understanding the impact of a building upon a collection and vice-versa is a true deep-dive into the exclusive world of foundations”
Cynthia Deckers, Head of Architecture

“Being the one hub for so many Art Foundations to come together, WAF is about honouring the entire community whilst also recognising the individuality.

Richard Tidmarsh, Head of Digital

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