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Martina Amati, Under (still), 2015.

In this exhibition four collaborations between artists and scientists give shape to intangible ideas. Martina Amati, Daria Martin, Maria McKinney and John Walter each collaborated with scientists to explore ideas that are vital to human life – ideas about our food sources, our senses, our sexual health and the limitations of our bodies.

In today’s polarised society, collaboration is more important than ever. It challenges individual perspectives and creates new ways of thinking. Somewhere in Between brings together four artworks developed in collaborations with scientists.

Martina Amati’s film installation Under takes visitors on a journey underwater. Developed in collaboration with physiologist Kevin Fong, the films explore breath holding whilst free diving, and the outer limits of what the human body can achieve.

Daria Martin’s films Sensorium Tests and At the Threshold delve into the neurological condition mirror-touch synaesthesia. Created in consultation with neuroscientist Michael Banissy and people with experience of mirror-touch, these films open up ideas about the extended possibilities of human connection and empathy.

Maria McKinney’s Sire looks at the use of genetics in cattle breeding. McKinney worked with Irish farming communities, and the scientists David MacHugh and Michael Doherty to develop the project. Sire presents ideas about both the past and future of mankind’s attempt to shape nature.

John Walter’s multi-coloured installation Alien Sex Club uses the architecture of a maze to address complex ideas about HIV treatment and sexual risk taking. Walters researched the project with Alison Rodger, a specialist doctor and researcher in HIV, and health professionals from across the UK.

Experience these four immersive projects, exhibited together at Wellcome Collection for the first time, which reveal hidden systems, unanswered questions and intangible connections.

Find out more about the exhibition, our free tours and events at: wellcomecollection.org/somewhere

Somewhere in Between: Four Collaborations is curated by Laurie Britton Newell.


Wellcome Collection, 215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE | United Kingdom



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