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Spring at Wanås Konst starts, in conjunction with local art tour Konstrundan, with the exhibition Folk Art Museum , a traveling museum and artwork by artist Richard Johansson, who is both originator and museum director. For several years, Johansson has collected paintings, sculptures, and objects that can be classified as folk art. Folk art has followed him since his childhood and functions as an affectionate source of inspiration for his entire artistic oeuvre. This spring, the project will move onward and park at Wanås. The work consists of a rolling covered wagon, sculpted by the artist, with a collection of folk art. In addition, based on an open call folk art will be shown in the Art Gallery in an exhibition curated by the artist.


Wanås Konst, Hässleholmsvägen, Vanås, 289 90 Knislinge | Sweden


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