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photo: Emura Koichi

Odour and memory are deeply interconnected and culturally influenced. Swedish, British, French and Japanese artists have approached olfactory art in various ways. They have created artworks that invite exploration of nostalgic (Natsukashii) responses to smell, enabling recollections of memories of events that took place in the past.

The exhibition includes dance performances and workshops. It will fill Wanås Konst with a variety of fragrances, seeking to awaken old memories and forgotten emotions through our senses, centering on smell.

The exhibition is part of a Japanese research programme aimed at improving the quality of life for the elderly who live in nursing homes. The exhibition in Sweden will continue to develop this research and include an audience survey together with research conducted with local nursing homes.

The project commenced in Japan in 2016 and resulted in exhibitions in Kyoto and Paris in 2017, and is supported by JSPS KAKENHI, Scandinavia–Japan Sasakawa Foundation, MusVerre Contemporary Glass Art Museum and Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


Nathan Cohen (UK)
Åsa Herrgård (SE)
Yoko Iwasaki (JP)
Hiroshi Koyama (SE)
Reiko Kubota (UK)
Yasuaki Matsumoto (JP)
Carmen Olsson (SE)
Boris Raux (FR)
Yuriko Sugihara (JP)  ​
Akemi Takata (SE)
Takumi Tsukahara (JP)

Curator: Evelyn Thomasson


Wanås Konst,  Knislinge SE-289 21 | Sweden.




Natsukashii – Doftminnen/Memory of Scent. Foto/Photo Emura Koichi, 2018.

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