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The fall exhibition at Wanås Konst presents the artist Kyung-Jin Cho and her project Swing Jam. She thinks of Swing Jam as a sound installation originated from experiences of an earthquake last year in Seoul. “I chose sound as a main factor because it has a vibration like an earthquake. Based on research of ceramic pots depending on scale, thickness and materials in relation to vibration, my aim was to make big scale pots achieve stronger vibration in sound, and to find a method to interact with random movement. Randomness represents desire and power in nature. The spiritual sound expression enables the audience to experience an emotional connection to nature.”

Kyung-Jin Cho was born in 1987 in South Korea, lives and works in Stockholm. She obtained her MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, in Stockholm 2017.

Wanås Konst

Hässleholmsvägen, Vanås

289 90 Knislinge



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