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WAF F2F Question Time:

Can the UN Sustainable Development Goals contribute to the missions of Art Foundations worldwide, and to what extent?


Francisca Listopad who works at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,  has produced two surveys for WAF to capture the organisational and individual situations and perspectives of Art Foundations to assess, monitor and evaluate the impact of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on their work and what more can be done. This survey is part of her doctoral thesis on Art Foundations.

This is a unique opportunity for you to have your say in a global survey on crucial subject matters impacting Art Foundations and Private Museums worldwide. Findings and a summary will be shared at the WAF Conference 2022 (28-29 Sept., Milan, IT). Don’t miss out and participate in these surveys today so that your organisation is part of the final results.

Watch below to hear from Francisca Listopad as she presents her project.

Please respond by the 30th of June 2022

Please do encourage all of your employees and colleagues to complete the individual questionnaire and do contact us if you have any questions.

Join us and discuss this important topic on our next WAF F2F Question Time with Francisca Listopad on

Wednesday 22nd June at 10:30 EST | 15:30 GMT | 16:30 CET

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Further background:
Francisca Listopad is preparing a Ph.D. in Art History with a specialisation in Museology and Artistic Patrimony. Her supervisors are Prof. Alexandra Curvelo (Art History), Prof. Jessica Hallett (Curatorial) and Prof. Ricardo Ferreira Reis (Statistics).
Here is an abstract from Francisca Listopad’s Ph.D. thesis:
Over the course of the past two centuries, museums have been evolving increasingly from public spaces to places of social intervention. Currently, museums are going through a moment of redefinition and rediscovery of their mission, their functions, and their values in the 21st century. Most notably, this process provoked a new proposal for the definition of ‘Museum’ by ICOM, which, in 2019, was not adopted.
The new proposal and the subsequent debate coincided precisely with the promotion of a new set of values identified by the United Nations in its 2030 Sustainability Agenda. The concept of ‘Sustainable Development’ was first mentioned 35 years ago, and since then, the debate on the role of culture as a driver for sustainable development in society has been growing.
This investigation aims to research the theme of ‘Sustainability’ in relation to art foundations and analyse the shape and magnitude of the contribution of the 2030 Agenda to the missions of art foundations. Museums are only directly referred to once in the Agenda, and yet, as we shall see, some of the Goals and Targets are potentially relevant to the roles and functions of museums, which could theoretically result in the achievement of benefits for society. This thesis aims to focus on art foundations that are actively engaged in ‘Sustainability’, to look at how and why they are pursuing the 2030 Agenda, to assess the challenges and benefits to their missions and ambitions.

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