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WAF Membership Activities


Exclusive opportunities to connect personnel across each Art Foundation, working together to share experiences and solutions, supporting professional development on a global scale. Sharing similar common goals, this programme provides the opportunity to work together. We will use a combination of monthly Articles written by Foundations for Foundations and quarterly Forums held online and in-person wherever possible.


Topics are grouped under these three pillars:

Collections and Exhibitions

  • Collection Management
  • Exhibitions
  • Touring Exhibitions and Loans
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Art handling

Public Programmes

  • Audience development
  • Interpretation plans
  • Education programmes
  • Communication Strategies
  • Membership programmes

Organisational Health

  • Board Development
  • Organigrams
  • Funding models
  • Systems and Databases
  • Professional Development



This article brings together a wide view of how some Art Foundations are coping; highlighting what actions they have taken, in the hope that this will help other Art Foundations by fostering the spirit of sharing experiences and expertise.

Though nothing is so individual as each Art Foundation and its situation, we have found a number of common factors in the many inspirational conversations we have held and for which we would like to specifically thank:

  • Founding family member, Isabelle Maeght, Fondation Maeght (France)
  • Founder, Cesare Rancilio, Fondazione Augusto Rancilio (Italy)
  • General Manager, Pedro Bernardes Museu Coleção Berardo (Portugal)
  • Director, Sietske van Zanten, LAM (The Netherlands)
  • Communications Director, Paul Colarusso, Aperture (USA)
  • Director, Laura Creed, Ballroom Marfa (USA.)


This article highlights the experiences and actions several art foundations have taken at this unprecedented time. Despite each organization’s unique experience, we have tried to find a commonality in the many inspirational conversations we have held, for which we would like to specifically thank:




This season’s forums will be held online, via ZOOM. Each session will include a maximum of 8 people. The aim will be to have individuals from across the globe to provide different perspectives, experiences, and unique connections. 

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