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The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION Opens the JSC Research Center at Their Düsseldorf Location


The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION inaugurates the JSC Research Center at their Düsseldorf headquarters.

In the future, JSC Düsseldorf’s focus on research and education will be augmented by new cooperative ventures with partners in the areas of art and science, fellowships awarded to students, and workshops focusing on time-based media art.

The collector Julia Stoschek explains, “Our goal is to consistently contribute to making this art form more democratic by opening the collection to an even broader audience and establishing our Düsseldorf location as an international center for time-based media art.” For more information click here.

October 2021



The Gulbenkian Foundation’s Delegation in France Provides Financial Support for Exhibitions in France Involving Portuguese Artists


The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Delegation in France is delighted to announce the new winners of the second edition of its call for projects, which this year has been renamed “Gulbenkian Exhibitions” and is designed to support French institutions wishing to include one or more Portuguese artists from all visual arts disciplines in their projects.

This year, the programme has been given a larger budget than last year following the great success of its first edition, with the amount of the programme increasing from €125,000 to €220,000.

Twelve French institutions have been awarded a grant for their exhibitions dedicated to Portuguese artists. They will take place in 2021 and 2022 throughout France, in Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, and elsewhere.

October 2021




Nairy Baghramian is named the Nasher Prize Laureate of 2022


The 2022 Nasher Prize Laureate Nairy Baghramian takes the creation and presentation of sculpture as her de facto subject yet makes works highlighting the poignant, contradictory, and sometimes humorous circumstances that can suffuse both the artistic process as well as everyday life.  Over the past three decades, she has explored elements of sculptural practice and installation to create works that challenge their settings and upend expected modes of presentation as well as the architectural, sociological, political, and historical contexts that inform them.

September 2021



The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation Collection Acquires a New Work


This statue painting from 18th-century Cuzco depicts a common advocation – Our Lady of Mercy of Quito – in an unusual way.  Rather than render the Mercedarian Virgin with captives or as a pilgrim, as in many other works in the Thoma collection, the Virgin here takes elements from the iconography of Our Lady of Guápulo, another Marian devotion common in the Andes. The painting bears a signature for an artist by the name of Cárdenas; it is hoped that future research may tell us more about this figure.

August 2021








Crystal Bridges Museum for American Art Acquires a Jar from the Year 1858 with a Poem by David Drake


Crystal Bridges recently acquired a Twenty-Five Gallon Four-Handled Stoneware Jar thrown in 1858 by David Drake, an enslaved potter also known as Dave Drake or Dave the Potter. This jar includes a poem, etched into the surface of the jar alongside Drake’s signature, chronicling both his own place in the world as well as the beginning of life for this object. The inscription “L. m. April 12. 1858 Dave.” on the vessel indicates the precise date he threw the jar while enslaved by Lewis Miles (“L. m.”).

For more information about this acquisition, click here.

August 2021





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