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Terra Foundation for American Art Announces the Recipients for their “Re-envisioning Permanent Collections” Grants


The Terra Foundation for American Art announces the awarding of nearly $2.5 million in grants to 35 arts and cultural organizations in the United States. These grants support projects through the foundation’s new two-year exhibition grant initiative, “Re-envisioning Permanent Collections: An Initiative for US Museums.” 

The Terra Foundation established this grant initiative to encourage museums to delve more deeply into their collections to reveal a fuller multiplicity of artworks and voices that have shaped, in the past and up through the present, the artistic and cultural heritage of the US. The grants support permanent collection reinstallation planning and implementation as well as the development of temporary exhibitions drawn from museum collections. The foundation’s commitment to prioritizing equity and inclusion and to evolving the field of American art at large extends beyond artistic content and encompasses support for new, more inclusive models of research, interpretation, and collaborative engagement in exhibition planning and development. 

For a full list of the grantees, click here.

May 2021




Arts Patron Lonti Ebers Announces the Opening of the Amant Foundation on June 5th


Arts patron Lonti Ebers has announced that her sprawling 21,000-square-foot compound in Brooklyn, N.Y.’s East Williamsburg section will open as an arts destination and cultural hub on June 5. The Amant Foundation, which covers four buildings on Grand and Maujer streets, was designed by the architecture firm SO-IL, and includes art galleries, a bookstore and cafe, offices, art studios, and a performance space.

Ebers, a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art and board member of the Center for Curatorial Studies (CCS) at Bard College, embarked on a seven-year effort to create an institution where artists can make art.

May 2021



The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation Debuts a New Exhibition Space to Display their Digital Art Collection


The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation announces the opening of a new 3,500 square-foot space for experiencing contemporary art in the Santa Fe Railyard District. Art Vault is dedicated to sharing the Foundation’s world-class collection of digital, electronic, virtual, and new media artworks, curated in thematic exhibitions.

Featured exhibitions will include emerging and mid-career artists alongside internationally renowned pioneers of video sculpture, self-taught computer artists, and influential digital timebased media artists. Large-scale digital and video installations invite viewers to broaden their understanding of technology with innovative perspectives on the human experience. Art Vault will take the place of The Thoma Foundation’s Art House, at 231 Delgado Street in Santa Fe, which will transition to the Foundation’s main office location.

May 2021




The Broad Acquires a New Work by Kara Walker


Los Angeles’ The Broad has added a new work to their collection by the African American artist Kara Walker. Walker created The White Power ‘Gin I Machine to Harvest the Nativist Instinct for Beneficial Uses to Border Crossers Everywhere in 2019, shortly before COVID-19 swept the world. It’s prescient with several medical references: a figure in a hazmat suit on the left, a nurse in a white dress on the right, and a body connected to tubes in the center. To find out more about this work, watch here.

May 2021






The Constant Foundation is celebrating “Constant 101”


Amsterdam, With the project Constant 1 0 1 Fondation Constant celebrates the fact that visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys (1920-2005), known as Constant, was born 101 years ago. In the period from July 2021 to July 2022, Fondation Constant develops a multidisciplinary program of projects in collaboration with Dutch museums, presentation institutions, archives, individual makers and educational institutes. Where 100 years stands for a completed period that is looked back on, 101 stands for the transition to the next 100 years: See their new site and program here.

May 2021




Getty and the City of Los Angeles have Launched the Los Angeles African American Historic Places Project to Identify, Protect and Celebrate African American Heritage Within the City


Over the next three years, the project will work with local communities and cultural institutions to more fully recognize and understand African American experiences in Los Angeles. The work aims to identify and help preserve the places that best represent these stories and work with communities to develop creative approaches that meet their own aims for placemaking, identity, and empowerment.

The project is led by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Office of Historic Resources (OHR) within Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning, which is responsible for the management of historic resources within the city. A robust community engagement program will create a space for meaningful input and local partnerships, drawing upon community-based knowledge of lesser-known histories. For more information about the project, click here.

April 2021



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