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The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation Collection Acquires a New Work



This statue painting from 18th-century Cuzco depicts a common advocation – Our Lady of Mercy of Quito – in an unusual way.  Rather than render the Mercedarian Virgin with captives or as a pilgrim, as in many other works in the Thoma collection, the Virgin here takes elements from the iconography of Our Lady of Guápulo, another Marian devotion common in the Andes. The painting bears a signature for an artist by the name of Cárdenas; it is hoped that future research may tell us more about this figure.

August 2021







Glenstone Museum to Expand with a Building Conceived for a Large-Scale Work by Richard Serra


Glenstone Museum announced plans to construct a building specially conceived to house a major sculpture by American artist Richard Serra, extending the museum’s outdoor program of art, architecture, and landscape along its Woodland Trail. Designed as a collaboration between Richard Serra and Thomas Phifer of Thomas Phifer and Partners, architect of the Pavilions at Glenstone, the building will open in spring/summer 2022.

July 2021






Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation Collection Acquires a Digital Art Installation by Cory Arcangel


Super Mario Clouds is Cory Arcangel’s groundbreaking digital art installation that plays a hacked version of the 1985 video game Super Mario Bros. on an original Nintendo console, split across three video displays.

Arcangel famously hacked the game’s code to turn its vintage computer graphics into a landscape artwork, showing serene clouds endlessly scrolling through a blue sky. Super Mario Clouds is considered a masterwork in the field of digital art for the way Arcangel elevated software hacking to high art, paving the way for generations of rebellious artists to confront and change the proprietary digital products that pervade our lives. Whitney Museum of American Art curator Christiane Paul called it “a new manifestation of Pop art”—this artwork is essentially the Warhol soup can for Generation X.

June 2021

The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation Announces the Recipients of their 2021 Digital Changemaker Grant


The Thoma Foundation is thrilled to announce the recipients of the inaugural Digital Changemaker Grant, an initiative to support medium-sized cultural organizations reimagining the role and use of technology in achieving their missions. The Digital Changemaker Grant will support five cultural organizations with grants of $100,000 each based on the merits of their application proposals: Asia Society Texas CenterFlagstaff Arts CouncilGeorgia O’Keeffe MuseumIndian Pueblo Cultural Center, and Snow City Arts.

June 2021




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