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In this video we talk to Mr Cesare Rancilio who honoured us with a meeting at the estate.

The construction of the Villa spanned the 17th and 18th centuries. It is adorned with many frescoes and sits in a park of 200 hectares on the outskirts of Milan.

The Expo Milan 2015 (1st May to the end of October) is sited next to the Villa Arconati and the expected 27 million visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the estate.

The Villa is part of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation which has put its resources towards the task of the restoration of this unique example of Italian art.

The structure of Italian foundations is such that they are able to support worthy causes such as this.

To this end, the visitors and « Friends of the Villa Arconati » participate with their contributions and donations.
The Region of Lombardy and Italian bank foundations have joined together to help the Augusto Rancilio Foundation to restore this estate, so loved by the public, to its former glory.

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