The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Project Director


Your daily routine may be like this:

1. Understand and implement the UCCA Lab (SP) development strategy and concept, expand the business cooperation field, and cooperate with each other; 2. Explore and research potential partners and establish more cooperation opportunities; 3. Establish an effective partner database to maintain different Level of partner relationship;
4. Coordinate the project managers to write the cooperation plan, and guide the project concept and negotiation direction;

5. Coordinate, manage and supervise the project managers to advance the project according to the work plan and conduct quality control;

6. Coordinate all project managers to report on the completed projects and control the progress of financial collection and payment;

7. Carry out comparative analysis of the monthly and quarterly project schedules with the original plan, implement effective improvement measures, and provide necessary assistance to other projects in the UCCA Pavilion;

8. Manage the daily work flow of the project manager and attend regular meetings, report on the progress of the work and provide effective feedback, and provide career development guidance for project managers, project specialists and interns;

9. Develop and control the implementation of project and departmental budgets, and assist deputy directors in the planning and implementation of large-scale urban cultural projects;

10. The management team collaborates with other teams in the UCCA Pavilion to co-ordinate weekly, monthly, annual report writing and data collection.


We hope that you:

1. Master’s degree or above in marketing or related majors;

2. Has more than 5 years working experience in the customer service department of a large famous public relations company or the commercial department of a large art institution;

3. Have a rich reserve of partner resources;

4. Have a knowledge of contemporary art and contemporary culture;

5. Excellent business negotiation skills, business cooperation and research capabilities;

6. Ability to conduct market analysis and propose solutions, as well as excellent Chinese and English expression skills.


To apply, visit: 


*Please note, website is in Chinese


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