The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : International Media Director/Manager

Your daily routine may be like this:

1. Responsible for the expansion and maintenance of international media relations;

• Mainly responsible for foreign media relations maintenance

• Media reports in-depth communication

• Expanding deep media cooperation

• Media contact and reception

• Media report


2. Responsible for the management of international social media platforms;

• Develop UCCA official international social media platform promotion plan and work schedule for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• Official international social media platform content development, reporting and publishing and data management


3. Conduct daily collaboration with the brand department team;

• Assist in the development of PR strategies

• UCCA overall image promotion

• Cost Control

• PR reporting system

• PR promotion resource management

• Opening day event coordination and on-site support


4. Interfacing with external public relations companies and briefing companies.

• Coordinate and collaborate with partners such as public relations companies and briefing companies


We hope that you:

1. Have good project management skills;

2. Have a more comprehensive understanding of the art industry;

3. Ability to adapt to the fast pace of work;

4. 3 years or more of public relations positions or work experience in the media industry;

5. Bachelor degree or above;

6. Excellent oral and written English skills;

7. Have good foreign media promotion experience and related media resources.


To apply, visit:


*Please note, website is in Chinese


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