The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Event Manager


Your daily routine may be like this:

1. Responsible for the planning and execution of the opening activities of the exhibition, corporate nights, UCCA Gala, etc., to ensure the quality of the project production, and to control the time;
2. Identify, liaise and manage suppliers related to various activities and build a supplier evaluation management system;
3. Combine the advantages of the company’s resources, monitor, integrate and expand various activities and coordinate and cooperate with other departments (such as the brand department);
4. Maintenance and in-depth development of daily customer relationships;
5. Assist the department or team to complete the project and daily auxiliary work according to the company’s project arrangement;
6. Complete the activity data summary and effect follow-up work and provide a comprehensive activity report.


We hope that you:

1. Have more than 2 years of public relations and activity related work experience;

2. Experience in large-scale activities, event planning, organization, coordination, and promotion operations is preferred;

3. Strong program planning, production ability and presentation skills;

4. Have excellent teamwork spirit, quick thinking, clear organization, meticulous work, serious and responsible;

5. Good English reading and writing skills;

6. Skilled in using Office software.


To apply, visit:


*Please note, website is in Chinese


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