The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : E-commerce Manager

Your daily routine might look like this:

1. Responsible for the overall planning and operation management of the brand in the E-commerce platform such as Jingdong, formulate the brand operation strategy of the e-commerce channel, and formulate detailed annual, quarterly and monthly operation plans;

2. According to the different period of the store operation planning, refine the specific sales plan and activity plan, coordinate the work of commodity, planning, promotion, design, customer service, logistics and other aspects to carry out the work smoothly, and promote the successful achievement of sales targets;

3. Familiar with marketing of platforms, stores, events, content, etc., develop marketing planning, lead the team to land and supervise execution;

4. Coordinate the whole store product management, formulate optimized product strategy, price strategy and inventory system, and complete the whole store SKU planning;

5. Conduct regular work report, data analysis, optimization suggestions, etc. Weekly weekly platform operation report, coordinate brand, platform and internal resources of the company to lead the team to achieve the goal;

6. Responsible for the daily relationship maintenance and activity resources of the brand and e-commerce platform.

We hope that you:

1. With more than 3 years experience in Jingdong store operation or online store operation, familiar with the background operation and platform marketing game of Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms;

2. Experience in operating household product categories and art derivative categories is a plus;

3. Have strong planning and execution skills;

4. Have teamwork ability and stress resistance, strong communication skills and serious work.


To apply, visit:

*Please note, website is in Chinese


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