Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Client Manager

Work level : Experienced

Type : Full time Job responsibilities

1. Have extensive brand or agency resources; maintain sales performance and maximize profits by implementing corporate sales and marketing strategies;

2. Have extensive experience in event planning and execution, responsible for customer activity management and planning;

3. Responsible for managing customer relationships, establishing and maintaining working relationships with internal and external partners; improving customer satisfaction, creating loyal customers, and optimizing customer experience;

4. Can expand new brand cooperation and develop enterprise customer projects; effectively utilize all-round resources to increase the income of integrated projects, and track market opportunities that are conducive to event sales;

5. Assist other departments in supporting the exhibition of cash, materials and other sponsorship.


Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or higher;

2. Have a large number of customer resources, 3 years and above public relations company marketing activities implementation experience;

3. Excellent customer service and sales skills, good interpersonal and organizational skills, and efficient time management skills;

4. Fluent oral English;

5. Proficient in office software;

6. Have a passion for culture and art.


To apply, visit: http://ucca.org.cn/job/client-manager/

*Please note that website is in Chinese


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