The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Assistant Curator


Your daily routine may be like this:

1. Establish and maintain reliable relationships with exhibiting artists, guest curators and external partners, and effectively communicate with participating artists, teams and departments of UCCA and external partners;

2. Assist exhibition artists and technical teams in communicating technical aspects of exhibition planning;

3. Assist artists and project managers in communicating all relevant matters of the exhibition/project;

4. Promote the design of 3D renderings of exhibition layout plans and other exhibition visualization tools;

5. Manage insurance, transportation and government approval processes for designated exhibitions;

6. Draft safety agreements and accompanying requirements for all exhibitions, continually manage exhibition maintenance, and monitor regular cleaning;

7. Confirm and coordinate all press conferences and public projects with participating artists;

8. Assist the participating artists and guest curators in their itinerary, including booking flights, hotels, arrangements for opening events and gatherings;

9. Study the upcoming artists, edit the artist’s background information, and assist the project manager to write the proposal;

10. Prepare relevant text materials for the exhibition, including exhibition briefs, artist resumes, exhibition labels and other teaching materials;


We hope that you:

1. Master’s degree or above in art history or related fields;

2. Have more than 3 years relevant work experience;

3. Have a deep understanding and interest in Chinese and international contemporary art and culture;

4. Have good writing, research and interpretive thinking skills;

5. Strong planning, organization, negotiation and cooperation skills;

6. Have good interpersonal skills and leadership skills and be willing to train others;

7. Flexibility to adapt to rapid changes, fast learning, attention to detail, and strong follow-up intuition;

8. Be fluent in spoken and written English.


To apply, visit:


*Please note, website is in Chinese



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