The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Art Teacher


Your daily routine might look like this:

1. Responsible for the research and development and teaching of museum courses, domestic and international art study tours and other art courses;

2. Manage the R&D team to ensure the level of research and development;

3. Guide the first-line teaching and optimize the course regularly according to the feedback from the instructor;

4. Assist the course manager to promote the implementation and implementation of the course, participate in the final accounts, material preparation, staffing, etc.;

5. Understand the course product line and assist the course consultants and marketing department in product promotion and brand building;

6. Pay attention to the development of domestic and foreign industries, conduct information research and analysis.


We hope that you:

1. Bachelor degree or above in art school, with profound theoretical foundation of visual art and artistic expertise (Chinese traditional culture or modern and contemporary art), with strong writing skills;

2. With more than 3 years of first-line art education experience, he loves and focuses on children’s art education, and has a deeper understanding of art education;

3. Love children, have affinity, smooth language, clear thinking, and good communication skills;

4. Cheerful, responsible and certain ability to withstand stress;

5. Have the ability to organize and coordinate activities, and have a sense of teamwork;

6. Have a certain aesthetic and creativity, and have the ability to quickly learn across fields.


To apply, visit:


*Please note, website is in Chinese


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