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UCCA: Project Director

Department: UCCA Lab
Work Location: Beijing
Number of people: 1
Job Number: 264

Your daily routine may look like this:

1. understanding and implementing UCCA Lab’s development strategy and philosophy, maintaining day-to-day partner relationships.

2. working with project managers, writing collaborative proposals, effectively understanding projects, and grasping the schedule and pace in the day-to-day execution of work.

3. control and promote the responsible matters according to the work plan in a quality manner, write project reports and promote financial matters.

4. To assist in other projects within the UCCA Pavilion as necessary.

We expect you to:

1. a bachelor’s degree or higher in art business management, art studies, marketing or a related field.

2. at least 1 year of work experience in the commercial department of a large art institution or a large public relations company in customer service, preferably in the art business.

3. love the art industry, identify with the corporate culture, optimistic and positive, with good anti-stress ability, execution and work initiative.

4. self-driven, proactive in learning and expanding one’s knowledge base and capabilities.

5. basic logical thinking skills, good communication skills.

6. the ability to work in a team, problem solving skills.

7. good English expression and writing skills, can work in English, familiar with office software applications.

To apply, please submit application completed in Chinese to: recruiting@ucca.org.cn


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