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UCCA will host the eighth edition of the Huayu Youth Award, honoring outstanding artists from Greater China under the age of 35, at the end of 2020. UCCA and its team are involved in every stage of this year’s awards, from the selection of the artist shortlist to the finalists’ exhibition, opening in December at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. The museum will also organize a series of artist talks and other events. UCCA Director Philip Tinari serves as chairman of the prize jury, where he is joined by artist Cao Fei, OCAT Xi’an Executive Director Karen Smith, artist Liu Wei, and professor and curator Lu Mingjun. Together they will select the winning artists for two awards, the Grand Jury Prize and the Special Jury Prize.

The long list for this year’s awards was provided by 32 art world professionals, who each submitted the names of 3 to 5 artists to place a total of 92 artists under consideration. On October 20, 2020, a closed-door preliminary selection meeting was held in Beijing, in which Guo Xi (UCCA Head of Exhibitions), Chelsea Tianxi Liu (Curator, Taikang Space), Liu Tian (Curator, Vice-Director, Exhibition Culture Research Center, and Researcher, Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought, School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art), Tan Yue (Associate Curator of Exhibitions and Research, Guangdong Times Museum), and Sun Dongdong (curator, critic, and writer), voted to select 15 artists as finalists for the 2020 awards.

UCCA Director Philip Tinari comments, “The mission and vision of the Huayu Youth Award match and overlap with UCCA’s own. I hope that through this collaboration, we can once again give center stage to young artists, drawing the attention of both the art world and society on a broader scale to the work of these young practitioners.

Shortlisted Artists:

Chen Dandizi, Hu Wei, Jin Yanan, Yong Xiang Li, Liu Guoqiang, Liu Yu, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, Ni Hao, Peng Zuqiang, Wing Po So, Su Yu Hsin, Su Yu-Xin, Joey Xia, Zhao Qian, Zheng Yuan.

Eight Huayu Youth Award Long List Committee

Song Zhenxi (independent curator, scholar), Wei Ying (curator, researcher), Tao Hanchen (Executive Director, OCAT Shanghai), Wang Haiyang (artist, Huayu Youth Award 2014 and 2019 finalist), Li Bo (Professor, Sichuan Fine Art Institute Experimental Art Department), Chen Jiaying (writer, curator), Chu Bingchao, (artist, Huayu Youth Award 2019 finalist), Yang Tiange (Curator, 798 Cube Art Center), Nie Xiaoyi (PhD candidate, Royal College of Art), Xin Wei (artist, Huayu Youth Award 2019 finalist), Wang Ziyun (writer, curator), Ni Kun (Curator, Qi Space Chongqing), Ye Funa (artist, professor, winner of the 2014 Huayu Youth Award Jury Prize), Peng Xiaoyang (founder of DRC No.12 and the Bunker), Che-Yu Hsu (Huayu Youth Award 2019 finalist), Gao Yuan (Director, Xining Contemporary), Yin Shuai (curator), Chen Yiyun (Huayu Youth Award 2019 finalist), Wang Huan (writer, curator), Long Yitan (Huayu Youth Award 2018 exhibition installation observer, 2019 exhibition assistant curator), Mia Yu (Researcher, Central Saint Martins, Exhibitions: Histories, Practices), Chen Zichan (writer, curator), Zhuang Wei (Huayu Youth Award 2019 finalist), Zian Chen (Editor, Heichi), Sam Qian (Curator, Ming Contemporary Art Museum), Lai Fei (Editor, LEAP), Alvin Li (writer, curator, Contributing Editor, Frieze), Penny Liu (Editor in Chief, China, Ocula), He Xiao (independent writer, translator), Hu Bin (Managing Deputy Director, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts), Long Xingru (curator, writer).


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