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As contemporary society grows increasingly frantic, sleep has become one of the few unconquered and unalienated human “resources,” but the average time spent sleeping is decreasing more and more—the last standing barrier of humanity is at stake. “Resistance of the Sleepers” aims at conveying opposition to this 24/7 perpetual motion system through the work of 10 artists. The exhibition awakens within current knowledge structures new imaginings of what sleep may be, resonating with the slow-paced rhythm of UCCA Dune’s unique setting close to nature. Through varied media including painting, installation, and sound, the artists to use sleep as an entry point to cascade domino-like into other rich topics of discussion, such as consciousness, dreams, memory, death, energy, capital, labor, landscape, and more. Perhaps, as George Perec writes in his 1967 novel A Man Asleep, once sleeping “Now you are the nameless master of the world, the one on whom history has lost its hold…” It is only in repose that one may temporarily escape ubiquitous rules and discipline, quietly resisting from within a deep slumber. The exhibition is curated by UCCA Curator Ara Qiu.

Participating artists: Chang Yuchen, Fei Yining , Li Shuang , Ana Montiel, Katie Paterson , Hiraki Sawa , Shen Linghao , Ye Zhaofeng, Zhang Kerui, Zhang Ruyi.

Image: Fei Yining, New Clear War, 2018. HD Video 4’48”.


Aranya Gold Coast,

Beidaihe, China


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