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Liu Shiyua, video still

This exhibition grows from modern Chinese writer Ba Jin’s eponymous 1947 novel, which recounts the collapse of a family of intellectuals owing to domestic conflict against a background of national crisis. The curators invited the four artists, after reading the story, to play the roles of its four protagonists through their own artistic creation. Throughout the period of creation, the artists interacted with and responded to each other from their respective roles, forming a sort of creative collective built on the foundation of the novel. The final presentation of the exhibition is the artists’ response to their fictional personae as well as their current lived reality. The overlapping and mixing of these responses, in turn, structures a new space, a new text.                                                                              Artists: Chen Zhou, Liu Shiyuan, Nabuqi, Li Ran

Curators: Boliang Shen & Zhanglun Dai



Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

CA, 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District

100015 Beijing  |  China


title:The Best Is Yet To Come’, 2017, 4K HD video, color, stereo sound, 3840×2160, Music&Sound Composer: Kristian Mondrup Nielsen (video still)

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