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Traveling through the World of Art Foundations

2 February 2021
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Such a variety of exciting exhibitions have just started! We have singled out these great solo’s: Miquel Barceló in Museo Picasso Málaga, Anastacia-Reneé in Seattle at the Frye Art Museum, Zachary Armstrong at Faurschou Beijing and one double in Lucca at the Fondazione Ragghianti with Cioni Carpi and Gianni Melotti.
Also, we are happy to launch WAF Art News where you can keep up to date with global art news from Art Foundations around the world. This includes job changes, new acquisitions or awards won by foundations and much more.

Museo Picasso Málaga (SP)

Taking its name from Franz Kafka’s famous story published in 1915, “Metamorphosis” presents almost 100 works produced by Miquel Barceló between 2015 and 2020. The selection at Museo Picasso Málaga will include paintings, works on paper, ceramics, notebooks and bronzes​.
For the Majorcan artist, ceramics, painting and drawing are variations or experiments on a whole: “Each work is experimental: each work is a trial run for another one which will probably never exist. I think this is as true of my painting as my ceramics – or any other thing I make”.

Frye Art Museum (USA)

The exhibition “(Don’t be Absurd) Alice in Parts” by Anastacia-Reneé (b. 1972, Kansas, ) at the Frye Art Museum in  Seattle, centers on Alice’s struggles against various forms of gentrification. Anastacia-Reneé’s poetry and performances are an assertion of presence that counteract the erasure of those who have been marginalized by American society.

Fondazione Ragghianti (IT)

The Fondazione Ragghianti  in Lucca (IT) is presenting two contemporary exhibitions, which intend to investigate the great ferment in the Italian art of the sixties, seventies and eighties, rediscovering the figures of Cioni Carpi (Milan,1923-2011) and Gianni Melotti (Florence, 1953), versatile and very active artists respectively in Milan and Florence.


Faurschou Foundation, Beijing (CN)

His first solo exhibition in China “Bag of Candles”, by Zachary Armstrong, comprises his characteristic wax paintings, pottery, sculpture, and installation work. The exhibition is Armstrong’s largest to date and presents the full spectrum of his wide-spanning practice to a new audience.
For the exhibition, Armstrong has created a new body of work, transforming Faurschou Beijing’s space into a personal microcosmos of cross-references to his own life and American culture.

News from within Art Foundations


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has appointed Naomi Beckwith as Deputy Director and Chief Curator;
She will oversee collections, exhibitions, publications, and curatorial programs and archives, while playing an instrumental role in shaping the museum’s vision. Beckwith will join the Guggenheim in June.
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All our best wishes, Peter Deckers, Helena Stork – Founders,
Clare Hindle, Director, and the WAF team

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