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Undercurrents is an immersive exhibition of photobooks from around the globe that explores the imperceptible, invisible, and often chaotic forces that shape the world around us and how we choose to interpret them. This exhibition is co-organized by Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar (Spaces Corners, Pittsburgh) with Caitie Moore (Transformer Station & Nomadic Bookshelf, Cleveland) who have selected works that explore our uncertain present and unknowable future.

Viewers are invited to visit strangely familiar yet otherworldly landscapes, experience introspective abstractions, moods, and atmospheres that oscillate between a sense of perplexing disorientation to transcendent moments immersed in mystery and awe. This exhibition digs at the things that are never quite fully present and draws our attention to the invisible forces that cast influence on how we interpret and understand the world.

Transformer Station

1460 West 29th Street

Cleveland, OH 44113



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