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The title of this exhibition refers to the 1954 science fiction film THEM! and celebrates the rebellious and experimental nature of the artist. It is also an admiring nod to the 1968 Japanese science fiction film Destroy All Monsters which lent its name to the 1973 Detroit anti-rock band formed by artists Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw. It embraces a time, both past and present, that recognizes artists who are equally passionate about sound and image.

This show features photographers who are musicians. Many of the featured artists also write, make videos, have produced photography books and presented music on vinyl and other sound sharing platforms. THEM! explores how these creative relationships may (or may not) exist for each artist.

Photographic images, video and ephemera will be presented along with music and sound compositions of each artist. Visitors are encouraged to look and listen.

participating artists: Melissa Auf der Maur, Tim Davis, Joseph Desler Costa, Jacob Koestler, Darin Mickey and Nick Zinner.


Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation

Transformer Station
1460 West 29th Street

Cleveland, OH 44113 | U.S.A.










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