Times Museum and All the Way South in Exchange with Cuba : Artist Residency for Chinese Artist

For the year of 2018-2019, Times Museum is glad to announce the Open Call for All the Way South in Exchange with Cuba in collaboration with Artista X Artista, Havana.

Besides the invitation of Adrian Melis (b. Havana, Cuba, 1985) to Times Museum later this year (time of residency, artist biography and collaborated institution to be announced); one Chinese participant will be selected through an open call to carry out a residency of 4-6 weeks in Artista X Artista, Havana. Awarded applicant will be granted with a travel fund of 2000USD and a total per diem of 1500 USD. One of the above two research-oriented residencies will be granted a production fund of 5000USD or further institutional fund-raising (amount to be decided) in relations to Times Museum’s thematic commissioning and transnational programming. For Chinese applicants (not restricted to their current place of residence) who are interested in applying for the residency in Artista X Artista, please submit the following documents by August 31, 2018.

– Research initiative or production proposal to be further developed or completed during the residency period (max 500 words)
– CV and portfolio with texts, images, video links and websites in a PDF
– Contacts of email, mobile, wechat and address
– All the Way South is an international exchange programme, please be noted that the application documents should be in English and the applicant is capable of communicating in both Chinese and English

For the awarded applicants:

– To arrange their travel plan within the budget of the travelling fund, host institution will facilitate and coordinate their local accommodation and itineraries
– To present a small exhibition in the space of Artista X Artista, and a workshop with children, art students or emerging artists as well as a talk at the end of the residency
– Residency in Havana is scheduled in the first half of 2019, but the exact dates will need to be negotiated between the awarded applicant and Artista X Artista
– To provide a report of 1000 words with documentary images for project review and institutional publicity, not later than one month after the residency
– For awarded applicants who intend to apply for production funding to realize their initial proposals, an elaborated production plan and budget is expected not later than one month after the residency

*Shortlisted candidates will be notified in late September and a skype meeting might be requested for final selection. The final selection is jointly made by Times Museum and Artista X Artista.

Artista X Artista is a project that emerged in 2015 as an initiative of the Carlos Garaicoa Studio, which aims to establish relations between the younger artistic scene and a growing network of institutions and cultural agents at the international level. The platform has opened the opportunity and conditions for the stay of international artists in Havana, who share with local cultural agents, give workshops and carry out fieldwork and on-site research. It is a pioneering project in the Cuban cultural scene, which aims to create a sustainable model of long-term work and influence the creation of new spaces with a similar philosophy in a transitional environment in Cuban society.

Artista X Artista has an average of 5 or 6 artists-in-residence exchanges per year with different institutions and residency programs, which include El Ranchito, of Matadero Madrid, with the support of AC / E and AECID (2015, 2016, 2017); Azkuna Zentroa, from Bilbao (2016, 2017, 2018); the Academy of Spain in Rome with the support of Galleria Continua (2016, 2017); SAPS – La Tallera, Mexico (2017); Orbital Residency, Santander (2017, 2018); Brewhouse Project, Moscow (2017); Just Residence, Avilés (2017), and more recent collaborations with the Japan Foundation, the Foco Bradesco ArtRio Award in Brazil and FLORA ars-natura, Bogotá.

Artista X Artista has a staff that provides all the necessary information to the resident artist as well as programming, depending on their interests. The artist is provided with a wonderful space to stay, located in a very central place in Havana. Situated at the third floor of a modernist building from the 50s and in the neighborhood of Miramar in Havana, the residency space has a large living room with plenty of natural light, two bedrooms with bathrooms and independent terraces, kitchen-dining room equipped with refrigerator, gas stove, oven and utensils. Service patio with water heater and automatic washing machine. The apartment has a terrace with beautiful views of the sea. All rooms open to the outside and allow the entry of natural light and ventilation. We have a person who takes care of the cleaning. The building has an elevator and garage.

About All the Way South in Exchange

The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is a socio-economic construction originated from the hydrographic integration of the Pearl River and its indigenous Cantonese culture dated back to Song, Ming and Qing Dynasty. Since the 1990s, the geo-cultural identification of the Pearl River Delta has served as the foundation of top-down governmental planning. Over the past two decades, definition and identification of the PRD have been shaken by regional socio-political movements and global-national redistribution of capital and labor. In 2017, cities of the former PRD were re-named as “Canton-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area” as part of the “One Bell One Road” economic initiative of the state. From the founding of the Thirteen Factories by Qing Government in the late 17th century in the controlled port of Canton, the Cantonese diaspora of “coolie trade” in places of the Caribbean, Australia, South Africa and Southeast Asia emerged in the 19th century, till the 1978 establishment of the first foreign-invested enterprise in Humen and the African diasporic community in Guangzhou since early 2000, and recent relocation of manufacturing industry to Southeast Asia as well as development of the former labor-intensive city of Dongguan into a smart robot industrial base; global circulation of objects, labors, capitals, rituals, images and ideas between Canton and the southern part of the world has situated the vernacular landscape and aesthetic experiences of the former PRD and the current “Greater Bay Area” in a broader yet invisible undercurrent of southern narratives and imageries .

The institutional positioning and programming of Times Museum have been greatly inspired by the constructed and constructive histories, narratives and strategies of contemporary art practice in the Pearl River Delta, which marked the city of Guangzhou as a test site of global capital, material production and accelerated model of modernization, as well as a port of distribution and migration between the North and the South on a national and transnational level. A new naming comes with the urgency of a different kind of world-making, which has the potential to resist new hegemonies and inequalities. All the Way South in Exchange acts as a mental resetting of geographic coordinates, it situates artist research and production in a rich and complex constellation of the south in search of images of the future and a destination otherwise. The Exchange invites interdisciplinary practitioners (artist, curator, film maker, architect, scholar etc.) who are developing projects in the following framework to apply for research-oriented residencies funded by Times Museum:

-Projects that critically investigate indigenous culture and local art history in the contemporary milieu

-Deviated mappings that explore southern diversity of cultural networks and challenge geographies of power

-Historical research on the transnational migration of artistic ideas, productions and exhibitions between China and other southern countries and regions

– Socio-aesthetic projects that situates issues of colonialism, ecology, gender, labor, and race in a south-south framework


Deadline: August 31, 2018


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