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These two graduates from the National School of Visual Arts of la Cambre in Brussels received this prize from the Fondation Boghossian .

image: “The wave: freedom” by Félicien Umbreit Lorentz

Descriptive note on the graduation project:

“This project is part of the hustle and bustle of a time when the desire for freedom was felt. It is about using the symbolism of water of what it can mean as the language of transformation that stems from its insatiable movement. Water has the purifying power of giving life back to those who have lost their strength. How can we break free from an era that once again confronts us with our limits? This sculpture invites you to take a moment’s pause to observe a state of affairs before acting “

Material: Ceramic, Praf, sandstone clay 0.5 mm, firing 1250 ° degrees; .dimensions – 9 modules of 50×50 cm. (i.e. 150cm x150 cm).

June 2021



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