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Cavieri, Patricio Vélez, 2001

The Suñol Foundation has always shown the will to know better the work of the artists who make up the Josep Suñol Collection, as testimonies of the richness and diversity of the creative scene of Barcelona between 1975 and 2000.

One of them is Patricio Vélez (Quito, Ecuador, 1945), who for the first time presents an exhaustive overview of his artistic career. The exhibition La formas del tiempo brings together a selection of more than fifty works, including drawings, paintings, engravings and photographs, which brings us closer to his particular vision of the world.

The artist, who arrived in Barcelona for the first time in 1968, studied architecture in Quito, Barcelona, ​​Marseille and Paris. Established definitively in Barcelona as a painter and draftsman since 1976, he has been a teacher at the Eina school for more than twenty years and has taught courses at several higher education centers of Fine Arts.

His work stands as a mechanism of reconstruction of personal memory, which collects the experiences lived in many trips and encounters, also adding imaginary passages.

The exhibition is completed by a catalog of eight chapters that bring together the works of Patricio Vélez in different thematic or formal themes to guide the viewer through a journey through his career.

Curators : Luisa Ortínez and Rosa Queralt

Fundació Suñol 
Passeig de Gràcia 98
08008 Barcelona



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