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Tatiana Busto Garcia, 'Intimate village of affection', still of video

Tatiana Busto Garcia, ‘Intimate village of affection’, still of video

ACTE 35: . Tatiana Busto Garcia Paisaje en Fuga (microhistorias en una ciudad interrumpida) shows the work that the artist has made thanks to Han Nefkens’ Scholarship – 2015 UB’s Postgraduate students. This exhibition, coordinated by Fundació Suñol, Fundació Han Nefkens and MA in Artistic Production and Research (Fine Arts Faculty, Universitat de Barcelona), shows how the artist takes the city of Barcelona as a laboratory for fortuitous encounters using a visual and literary thinking with high poetic content. The show gathers the resulting installations from five different itineraries through the city that can be read transversally.

Tatiana Busto Garcia(São Paulo, Brazil, 1981), a visual artist and writer, uses similar practices to the situacionists in order to get in touch with less considered urban areas, entering the psychology of subjectivities of small territories that make up the subject of her work. As noted by the exhibition curator, Teresa Blanch, the city is an excellent landscape of potentialities while being a factory of desires and disappointments, trusts and conflicts hidden under the layers of its signals and endless rumors. The artist takes this city as the setting for her project, performing a work that is a portrait of how every corner of the city is constituted by the contingencies of the people who live there.

Fundacío Suñol

Rosselló 240

08008 Barcelona, Spain
i www.fundaciosunol.org

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