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Manuel Franke

A gesture, as simple and light as it is massive and heavy: almost 50 metres of strongly coloured and sharply rising corrugated sheeting extending between the Städel Museum and the Städel School. An orange and pink hybrid between industrial facade and museum, between painting and sculpture, between halfpipe and bench, hovering over the meadow while being anchored in a hefty foundation of sky blue coloured concrete.

Within the framework of the series “In the Städel Garden”, the Düsseldorf artist Manuel Franke (b. 1964) has developed an artwork of monumental dimensions – 50 metres long and 2.5 metres high – for the garden of the Städel Museum. This expansive gesture will lend the Städel Garden a new and very palpable boundary between the museum and the Städelschule. Half sculpture, half painting, Colormaster F will respond to the lawn – a green surface bounded by buildings on three sides – with a curved membrane in vivid monochrome colours. An insurmountable obstacle, Franke’s object will on the one hand block the view, while on the other hand giving visitors the opportunity to experience the hill at the garden’s centre in a whole new way. Colormaster F will not only change the garden in terms of its spatial constellation, but also create a further, additional space, both open and closed, inside it. The artwork will moreover invite visitors to play, explore and pass time, thus offering an entirely new and interactive experience of the familiar Städel Garden all summer long.

Illustration: Manuel Franke, Colormaster F, 2018, in the Garden of the Städel Museum, Frankfurt, Design Drawing, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018



Schaumainkai 63
60596 Frankfurt am Main | Germany



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