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Markus Lüpertz

Not only is Markus Lüpertz one of the most famous contem­porary German painters, but also an impor­tant sculptor. Ever since the 80’s he has been devel­oping his sculptural work parallel to his paintings. His plaster and bronze sculptures are executed according to traditional techniques and the repres­entations often refer to mytho­logical or histor­ical figures in occidental cultural history. Never­theless, his works surprise us through their provo­cative radical nature which occasio­nally can trigger off public controversy. In the Skulpturen­park Waldfrieden the artist is presenting a compre­hensive selection of his sculptures in plaster, which like their sub­sequent bronze versions, are often coloured. This painting of the sculptures indicates that these fragile items are not merely proto­types for the bronzes but unique objects enjoying a great signi­ficance within the scope of his work.

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden
Hirschstraße 12
42285 Wuppertal | Germany



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