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Sharjah Art Foundation: Senior Editor (English)


Key responsibilities:

• Copy-edit, fact-check and proofread texts from all departments according to Sharjah Art Foundation style. Texts may include any of the following:
o Curatorial texts such as project descriptions, wall labels for exhibitions and essays for exhibition booklets
o Biographies
o Descriptions and schedules for Learning Programme courses, workshops, talks and symposia
o Captions for images of artworks and Foundation events
o Registration forms
o Website texts
o Press releases
o Marketing texts
o Social media posts
o Sponsorship documents
o Business correspondence
• Offer suggestions for substantive editing of texts (e.g. comments about the order and completeness of the content, coherence of ideas, writing style) in relation to the target audience and purpose of the writing
• Prepare and update Sharjah Art Foundation style guidelines as needed to reflect standard Foundation language usage and formats
• Provide regular guidance and instruction in applying Foundation style for language and formats as requested
• Supervise the work of other editors

Essential knowledge and skills:

• Knowledge (on the level of an educated native speaker) of British English syntax, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling
• Skill in editing texts not only for the accuracy and consistency of the language and format but also for the completeness and coherence of ideas
• Skill in writing and editing different types of writing, from academic texts to marketing materials and business correspondence
• Broad understanding of contemporary art and museum operations
• Skill in using Microsoft Word, including Markup, and Outlook
• High level of concentration and attention to detail
• Methodical and well-organised approach to work
• Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
• Ability to work with colleagues with different levels of English proficiency
• Tact and diplomacy in working with others

Working conditions:

• Working hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Before Sharjah Biennials and other major exhibitions and events, additional work may be required.


Bachelor or Master Degree or Equivalent Work Experience

Work Experience:

At least 4 years in the same field.



Please send your completed form along with and undated CV to hr@sharjahart.org.

Click here for the application form.


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