Sharjah Art Foundation: Lead Conservator

Job Overview
This is a new leadership position in the collections department at Sharjah Art Foundation. The Lead Conservator will be a key custodian of the collection locally, nationally and internationally and ensure that correct procedures are implemented for the conservation, archiving and distribution of the collection. This is a time of growth and increased visibility for the collection with numerous projects in development. The Sharjah Art Foundation collection consists of more than 1000 works. A large proportion of these works are major installations that were produced specifically for the Sharjah Biennial. However, the collection has expandedover the years to become one of the premiere art collections in the region. Taking the Middle East and South Asia as a starting point, Sharjah Art Foundation seeks to collect the works of artists from the broader East and South that reflect the most urgent issues of our time.

• Lead a thorough conservation audit of the collection and determine short- and long-term conservation needs of the department
• Work with the Chief Registrar on a value audit of the collection in partnership with relevant third parties
• Plan, assess and implement a programme of conservation for all types of media, including sculpture, installation, photography and moving image
• Carry out basic conservation on at least one form of media, e.g. painting, sculpture or paper, as the Lead Conservator position is a hands-on conservation role as much as a managerial one
• Plan, manage and implement preventive integrative conservation work on the collection
• Build and maintain a strong network with freelance specialist conservators, as and when required.
• Keep clear documentation of all tasks performed and maintain instruction manuals for the care of the collection
• Draft an extensive policy for the care and upkeep of the collection in collaboration with the Director of Collections and Senior Curator and the Chief Registrar
• Maintain and relay budgets to the Chief Registrar, as and when required
• Assist in drafting grant applications for conservation, as and when needed
• Draft a disaster plan to ensure the protection of the collection in an emergency situation
• Promote a high standard of conservation practices across the organisation by assisting and training cross-departmental staff
• Implement a new video database system for Sharjah Art Foundation’s extensive video art collection, working with a relevant contractor to implement such a system
• Work closely with the Chief Registrar, Warehouse Manager, Shipping Coordinator and other team members on planning and making arrangements for the move to a new warehouse facility in 2022
• Understand, support and represent the mission of the collection and Sharjah Art Foundation
• Be aware of and follow basic health and safety standards
• Undertake any other reasonable duties as agreed with the line manager

MA level or equivalent

Three to four years in a similar role or related field

Other Requirements:
Ability to carry out basic hands-on conservation work
Advanced computer skills and/or experience working with file management systems
Knowledge of contemporary art



To apply, please send your completed form along with and undated CV to

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