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Gerardo Burmester, “Veneno”, 1989. copyright Serralves Foundation

Notions of time, the perception of its passage and how it relates to the awareness of the finite nature of human existence are themes recurrently explored by various contemporary artists. This exhibition presents five highly personal views of temporality, based on circularity and unrelated to chronology and succession. We are made aware of time passing through actions that are repetitive (Bruce Nauman), or circular and apparently meaningless (Ana Jotta); by facing up to the end of life (Thomas Schütte); by building bridges between contemporaneity and distant references to reveal the essential impulse cutting across times and tendencies in the origin of artistic practice (Rui Chafes); or setting up the work of art as an unclassifiable object (between art and design, between painting and sculpture) and impossible to date (Gerardo Burmester).
Works by these five artists are currently on view in the exhibition “Zéro de Conduite” at the Serralves Museum. In addition to complementing the Serralves programme, perhaps giving MMIPO visitors their first insight into the Serralves Foundation’s Collection, Round and Round shows aspects of these artists that are not explored in Zéro de Conduite, significantly opening up readings of Gerardo Burmester, Rui Chafes, Ana Jotta, Bruce Nauman and Thomas Schütte’s artistic practices.
“Anda a roda” is organized by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with MMIPO, curated by Ricardo Nicolau, curator of the Museum, and coordinated by Isabel Braga.
Rua das Flores 15, 4050-265 Porto, Portugal

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