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troels Worsel

Troels Wörsel

The main exhibition of summer 2017 presents Nordic artists who at the same time represent different generations and different approaches to making art. Parallel to figurative paintings and sculptures, many materials, works especially realized for the space, and conceptual perspectives are on show.

The artists of the exhibition are united not only by colour and light but also by the landscape, presented either directly or referentially. So important to the people of northern latitudes, summer appears either as the subject of continual longing or as a memory, a metaphor, that refers to something deeply felt and lost long ago.

The artists Päivikki Alaräihä, Tor Arne, Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, Andreas Eriksson, Peter Frie, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Anna Retulainen and Troels Wörsel will participate in the exhibition.

The curator of the exhibition is Timo Valjakka.

Serlachius  Museum Gösta
Joenniementie 47

Mänttä  | Finland




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