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Z O O M is an exhibition and publication project of Philara Collection, which positions literature as a basis for connection.
The project aims to initiate a global outreach that resists demarcation and isolation, by encouraging encounters without the need for personal contact. Reading enables people to step out of their own world and forge connections with the minds of others. Reading requires one to be receptive to new ideas; to alter one’s perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our habits and on that which we take for granted.

In this regard, with the onset of the spread of the infection in Germany, Philara Collection has put the following question to 62 artists and actors from various social areas, whose intellectual debates we consider to be socially formative:

If you could only choose one book for an
indefinite period of seclusion, what would it
be and why?

This publication aims to create a quiet, introspective map of ideas of the period of isolation, one which sketches a mental exploration of the world and gives insights into artistic practice, humanistic principles, current social conflicts, as well as providing a view into the private lives of the interviewees.

The result is a cross-section and multi-perspective portrait that aims to reflect the tendencies of a society in transition, and thereby he associated transformation of art and knowledge production is visible.
We would like to thank all participants and their assistants. Without your openness this publication would not have been possible.

The installation will be part of ON DISPLAY IV. The publication will be released as an edition of 500 copies and can be acquired in the collection.

Simultaneously, our new temporary exhibition LEUNORA SALIHU – SHIFTING ENTITIES will be opened.

+++ Please note that the safety distances and measures taken in the context the corona pandemic must be respected. Changes in the program are reserved. +++

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