Rockbund Art Museum : Operation Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

– Audience services: including reception, ticketing and sales, daily receivables settlement and summary.

– Operation: ensure the normal operation order of the museum, and be able to deal with any emergency.

– Art shops and cafes: including product display, inventory management, commodity settlement, procurement and management of coffee shop consumables.

– Membership system: includes member file management, member correspondence copy editor, activity execution.

– Volunteer and intern: including recruitment and training, daily management, cost settlement and payment, activity planning and implementation.

· Administrative work within the department: including document processing, document approval and process, filing, etc.

– lead other deliverables.


Job Requirements:

– University degree or above

– Able to accept shift work;

– Relevant work or internship experience in art institutions, service industries, cultural and creative agencies, etc. is preferred;

– Interest in arts and cultural activities and creative industries; Have a certain understanding of museum and art shops;

– Be willing to communicate with others, have service awareness, have good interpersonal skills and coordination skills, and have good expression and communication skills;

-Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

– Passionate, good at learning, creative, perceptive, resourceful and strong in understanding;

– Be organized, well planned and have a strong sense of time; able to work under pressure;

– Enthusiastic, willing to communicate and share, responsible and team spirit, able to support and cooperate with colleagues to complete tasks.


Compensation and Benefits:

– Social insurance and housing fund as required by law and offer competitive remuneration;

– Bonus (subject to year-end evaluation);

– Social security benefits upon probation;

– working age subsidy, communication subsidy, overtime allowance, meal allowance;

– Paid leave: enjoy all kinds of paid national holidays, annual leave;

-Museum employee welfare;

– Activities: teambuilding, holiday gifts, company annual meetings, birthday benefits, etc.

– Probation training and professional training;

– Good development space and promotion opportunities.



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