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Lionel Estève – Morphée


Pavot en cire perdue, bronze plaqué or, 2018
50 exemplaires, 3 épreuves d’artiste

Sold By: Fondation Thalie


“I thought that this plant flourished in the East, on the foothills of the Himalayas or in Turkey and what was not my surprise, to discover a few feet at the bend of a path in the Provençal countryside. This pale pink poppy with slightly purplish tones blooms only a week, to give way to a bulb with a small crown. To contemplate it was for me a way to meet mythology. This beautiful flower with delicate colors seemed to me ambivalent, full of sun and summer scent but also carrier of darkness, dangerous and forbidden, since opium is its sap. I had to pay tribute to him. One summer, I harvested these capsules and then gilded them with gold leaf and made these miniature sculptures. This gesture is a way to perpetuate the greatness of this flower, to illustrate how it was idolized during antiquity, and how despite its grace and fragility, it remains endowed with a scary power. Of these sculptures, I made a pendant with limited edition of 50 copies, a unique and exclusive edition that I look forward to discovering you today. ”

Lionel Estève, the artist’s words

Lionel Estève was born in 1967 in Lyon. He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. His work is at the crossroads of drawing, sculpture and installation. The informal and fragility that characterize his works awaken our perception of an infinite reality by revealing a palpable, almost tactile space. His work plays on space, colors and sensory perception. These works recall the artist’s interest in creative energies and their captations. Artisan, researcher, Lionel Estève deploys materials, lines, colors in the interval of the perceptible and the imperceptible “My works, I perceive them as mental. I hope they live the same way in the public mind. I do not wait for him to understand, but it does not matter to him. “

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