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Herman Krikhaar, works on paper (1992-2007)


Overview of Herman Krikhaar’s work : 1992-2007

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‘Herman Krikhaar works on paper (1992-2007)
With texts: H.J.A Hofland, Bert Jansen and Helena Stork.
English and Dutch (French text apart)
2007, Vlasblom Art & Projects bv, Hoorn, the Netherlands
296 pages, 2 kilo; 31 x 25 x 3 cm

‘Herman Krikhaar, Works on Paper’ follows the publication fifteen years ago of ‘Herman Krikhaar, paintings tableaux’. This books surveys the years when Herman Krikhaar worked on canvas and paper with enormous energy and concentration. The emphasis is on the works on paper, which are made as independent artworks, sometimes serving as studies for paintings. The material – various sorts of paper, wallpaper, or carton etc. – stimulates experimentation and forms an inspiring underground for his endless stream of ideas. In Amsterdam as well as in the South of France he created hundreds of works on paper, which can be read as a journal of impressive, sad, funny and fantasy moments. Striking is the incredible power and vitality that radiates from the work.

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