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100 PHOTOS FOR 100 FRIENDS, Fundraising game


Whoever contributes with a donation receives a photograph by Giovanni Hänninen taken during the journey between Italy and India.

Every photo is unique, printed by the author on Hahnemühle cotton paper, size 21 x 29,7 cm. It is accompanied by a document that certifies participation in the project.

The photograph is only revealed after choosing a number from 1 to 100.

You can chose whether to receive the print at home or collect it from ASSAB ONE.

Once you have completed the game a miniature of your selected photo will appear on the screen.

Revealing all 100 miniatures of the hidden photographs is part of the game.

To take part visit the website

Sold By: Assab One


A fundraising game created to support the production of the exhibition dedicated to Roland’s Journey that was held at Assab One in 2013.

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