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A celebration of India full of color, innovation, and delight featuring large-scale installations, lush colorful paintings, video works, and remarkable sculptures from the 21st century.

The artists represented proffer their own paths that link them to India and the rest of the world and show us the plurality and wonder that makes any place a home, a nation, an idea, and an inspiration. ‘Visions From India’ is a remarkable gathering and an opportunity to state again that “US IS THEM,” that artists from all nations are part of our global community. The multiple paths of this exhibition do not end in a neat bow or a closed circle – they reach out and connect to all of the other places – Havana, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Dakar, Tel Aviv, Shanghai – where artists are doing the essential work of translating our ineffable present into collective synthesized visions of wonder.”

Curator Greer Pagano
Pizzuti Collection
632 North Park Street
Columbus, OH 43215 | U.S.A.

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