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Parasol unit: Hyon Gyon

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is delighted to present for the first time in Europe a solo exhibition by the Korean artist Hyon Gyon. Known for her intricate and highly expressive works, often like mid-burst manifestations of explosive raw energy, Hyon...

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Fondation A Stichting: Nicolas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon (born in Detroit, Michigan in 1947) is a unique and landmark entity in the history of photography in recent decades. His artistic portrait work, harnessing the descriptive potential of the camera, reveals both what is seen and what for the most part...

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Museo Madre: Cécile B. Evans “Amos’ World: Episode Three”

In his research, Evans observes the growing influence brought about by the new digital technologies on our ways of acting, feeling and thinking, by examining the role of emotional sphere in comparison to the rational mechanisms or public policies imposed in our...

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The Mosaic Rooms: “When Legacies Become Debts”

When Legacies Become Debts contemplates the personal and collective forms of reliance and liability experienced between different generations of artists and writers in the Iranian context. Curated by Azar Mahmoudian the exhibition features commissioned works by Ali...

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Made in Cloister Foundation: Liu Jianhua “Monumenti”

Bodies becoming stories, journey, lives. Immigrants. Men and women that cut through earth and see and crossed borders to start over again in an elsewhere that is not yet home. To this figures and humanity, Liu Jianhua- one of the most representative Chinese artist of...

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Martin Parr Foundation: “A Contested Land” by Document Scotland

A Contested Land examines the complex relationship between Scotland’s people, history and landscape through the work of four photographers. The contrasting series of works by the collective known as Document Scotland, will be exhibited at the Martin Parr Foundation...

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Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard: “Poésie prolétaire”

  This exhibition borrows its title and some of its mood from the magazine Poézi Prolétèr, created in Paris by poets Katalin Molnar and Christophe Tarkos and artist Pascal Doury in the late 1990s. The magazine combined poetry and drawing, but without signing up...

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Beyeler Foundation: Beyeler Collection / Picasso Panorama

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), one of the most important artists of all time, exerted unparalleled influence on 20th-century modern art. The Fondation Beyeler owns more than 30 of his works, one of the largest and finest Picasso collections worldwide. For the museum’s...

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Cue Art Foundation: Cal Siegel “I am the box no roof can cover”

Central in this solo exhibition by Cal Siegel, curated by Sable Elyse Smith, is a large-scale house-like structure, lacking in windows and doors and sheathed in an exterior of dollhouse shingles, impenetrable by bodies or by light. Shown along with several paintings,...

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Museo Tamayo: Germán Venegas “Todo lo otro / Everything Else “

The work of Germán Venegas (La Magdalena Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla, 1959) is characterized by the hybridization of traditions and mythology. This exhibition combines drawings with ink on paper, wood carvings, sculptures, tempera, and paintings wood and on canvas,...

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Fonds Leclerc: Mitchell / Riopelle – un couple dans la demesure

"This winter Landerneau will present an exceptional event exhibition in France! The result of a unique collaboration between two major Canadian cultural institutions, the work of these two artists, Joan Mitchell and Jean‑Paul Riopelle, will be to discover or re -...

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Museum Belvédère: “FRYSK – A Century of Frisian Painting’

With the exhibition Museum Belvédère celebrates a century Frisian 'FRYSK' painting in all its diversity. Though more than one hundred artists are included in this overview, it doesn't pretend to be exhaustive. The selection includes artists who are born in Friesland,...

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