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Maramotti Collection: Sally Ross “Painting Piece-by-Piece”

In her first European exhibition, the American painter Sally Ross presents five large works from 2013 to 2015, recently acquired by the Maramotti Collection. The paintings on display reveal their components and how they came together, the thinking and handwork...

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Pinacoteca São Paulo: Hilma af Klint “Possible Worlds”

  this solo exhibition by Swedish painter Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) – whose work has been recognized as pioneering in the field of abstract art, and remained largely unnoticed for much of the twentieth century –  is the first in Latin America. Hilma af Klint attended...

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Collateral underlines, and haunts, the political consequences of decisions and actions, pointing to how they ramify and reach-out; but especially to their unacknowledged consequences. The exhibition unfolds as a spiral—partly out of control—arcing from Mexico City...

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Museo Jumex: Paul Ramírez Jonas “Public Trust”

This collaborative artwork in the public space forms part of Agora: A Blueprint for Utopia, a program of commissions for the Museum’s public plaza. Public Trust seeks to examine the value we grant to our words through the promises we make to each other and to...

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Sculpture park Waldfrieden: Christiane Löhr

The sculptures by Christiane Löhr result from direct contact with nature, from which also its material is taken: parts of various plants are used for small-format sculptures, or horsehair for floating sculptures reminiscent of intangible tension, whose dimension...

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Frye Art Museum: Ko Kirk Yamahira

For Seattle-based artist Ko Kirk Yamahira, the finished painting is a beginning rather than an end. Painstakingly removing individual threads from the weave of the canvas, Yamahira deconstructs his paintings, turning surface into form. He often disrupts the geometry...

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Rennie Museum: Yoko Ono

This instructional work is Illustrating Ono’s long standing artistic quest in social activism and world peace. It will transform the historic Wing Sang building into an intimate space for creative expression and bring people together in an act of collective healing...

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Fundació Joan Miró: “Itō Shinsui. Tradition and Modernity”

In the late nineteenth century, Japan experienced a process of modernization and industrialization that threatened its more traditional art forms, one of which was ukiyo-e. That universe of 'pictures from a floating world,' inhabited by courtesans, samurais, geishas...

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Rupert Museum: Walter Battiss: “I invented myself”

 For more than 40 years, well-known art collector and philanthropist Jack Ginsberg has assembled an extraordinary collection of more than 700 artworks, books and ephemera by esteemed South African artist Walter Battiss. Warren Siebrits, the curator of Walter Battiss:...

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Noguchi Museum: ‘Akari: Sculpture by Other Means’

Noguchi’s electrified paper, bamboo, and metal Akari light sculptures have quietly become among the most ubiquitous sculptures on Earth. Their origins lie in 1951 when, on a trip to a still devastated post-war Japan, Noguchi was asked by the mayor of the small town of...

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MAAT: “SUPERGOOD | Dialogues with Ernesto de Sousa”

The exhibition is based on the transdisciplinary and transversal work by one of the most relevant figures in 20th-century Portuguese avant-garde. The exhibition both reviews and brings up to date Ernesto de Sousa’s body of work, showing, side by side, artists from...

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Getty Museum: Paper Promises “Rare Early American Photographs”

The early history of paper photography in the United States is a formative but rarely studied aspect of the medium’s evolution. While Americans were at first slow to adopt Europe’s negative-positive photographic practices, the country’s territorial expansion and Civil...

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Henie Onstad Kunstsenter: Dag Alveng ‘Still Time’

Surveying Dag Alveng’s career since his debut in 1979, this retrospective exhibition brings together Alvengs major series of works, such as Asylum (1979-1982), Summer Light (1980–2012), his multiple exposures from New York, and his more recent project Racing...

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Centro Pecci: Mark Wallinger Mark

Wallinger, born 1959 in Chigwell/UK, is one of the most prominent contemporary artists living and working in Great Britain today. Known for his investigations of identity and a career-long engagement with ideas of power, authority, artifice and illusion, he works in a...

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