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Parasol Unit Foundation: Lisa Milroy ‘Here & There’

This major solo exhibition brings together a selection of Milroy’s paintings from the past fifteen years, exploring her approaches to still life through making, looking, touch and transformation. The term ‘still life’ signals the fundamental experience of painting for...

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Linda Pace Foundation: INCITE

Themes of whimsy and ephemerality connect the selected artworks on exhibit in INCITE. At first glance, they give an impression of light-hearted simplicity, as brightly colored depictions of confetti balls, pom poms and piñatas attract viewers and provoke a feeling of...

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Cue Art Foundation: Robert Davis 1976

  This solo exhibition by Robert Davis, curated by Rashid Johnson, features a series of graphite-on-paper drawings and hand-carved wood sculptures. Collectively, these works form a portrait of the people and artifacts that shaped the world in which the artist...

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FHEL: ‘Libres Figurations – années ’80’

The late 1970s and early 1980s, an artistic movement is spreading around the world under different names: 'Figuration Libre' in France (Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas, Hervé Di Rosa, Catherine Viollet...); Graffiti in the United States (Jean-Michel...

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Noguchi Museum (NY): Self-Interned, 1942

Curated by Noguchi Museum Senior Curator Dakin Hart, Self-Interned, 1942 brings together about two dozen works from the Museum’s collection, dating from before, during, and after Noguchi’s time at Poston, along with a substantial selection of archival documents....

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Guggenheim NY: ‘Josef Albers in Mexico’

  Josef Albers in Mexico brings together photographs and photo collages taken during the artist’s travels to archeological sites and monuments in Latin America. During their first visit to Mexico, in the winter of 1935–36, Josef and Anni Albers knew that they...

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Faurschou Beijing: Yu Hong (series Virtual Reality)

  When entering Yu Hong’s Virtual Reality experience, the viewers will witness four scenes, which follow the coming of age of a female character. As the character moves forward in her own development, the events around her flow backwards in time. Each scene is...

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Speed Museum: Thoroughly Modern: Women in 20th Century Art & Design

Thoroughly Modern was developed to begin where the chronology of Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism ends. The exhibition presents the work of several women artists and designers active in the early and mid-twentieth century (1900–60). These women were committed...

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Guangdong Times Museum “Detour in Times”

Artists and institutions: Cai Hui, He An, Li Xiaofei, Li Liao, Li Zhan, Wei Chengcheng, Social Sensibility Institute Architects: Wang Jiahao, Li Juchuan, Studio G Curators: Liang Jianhua, Wang Jiahao, Song Yi “The man found his boat and came back, marking with signs...

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Marabou Parken: Miriam Bäckström ‘New Enter Image’

Miriam Bäckström’s exhibition New Enter Image, is a new body of work that negotiates the boundaries of photography, textile and architecture. The focus of the exhibition is a large-scale installation of suspended woven tapestries based upon photographs Miriam...

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Index: Kevin Jerome Everson “Tonsler Park”

This new film by American artist and filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson is shot on 16mm black-and-white film over the course of the recent American election day, 8 November 2016, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The film follows the poll workers throughout their day as they...

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Aperture: Nathalie Krick “2017 Portfolio Prize Winner”

Krick’s series Natural Deceptions–made in collaboration with her mother and sister–explores the temptations and degradations that can be found across the spectrum of feminine identity and selfhood. Natalie Krick (b. 1986, Portland, Oregon) currently lives in Seattle....

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Calouste Gulbenkian Museum:’Beyond the Mirror’

Beyond the Mirror, a title that deliberately alludes to the world of Alice Liddell, the heroine created by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), is a thematic exhibition which consists of 69 works, a mirror number. The intention is to show the polysemic presence of this object...

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Pera Museum ‘Look at Me – Portraits and other Fictions’

The exhibition from the ”la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection examines portraiture, one of the oldest artistic genres, through a significant number of works of our times. Fidelity and likeness to the portrayed subject have been an essential condition of portraits,...

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Boghossian Foundatio: “Instantanés d’Orient”

This group exhibition (a selection of photographs from the Biennal of contemporary photographers from the Arab world) of the contemporary Arab world through the diverse viewpoints of six photographers: Jaber Al Azmeh, Moath Alofi, Mouna Karray, Rania Matar, Douraïd...

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Bombas Gens: Paul Graham ‘The Whiteness of the Whale’

The private foundation Per Amor a l’Art presents The Whiteness of the Whale at Bombas Gens Centre d'Art (Valencia, Spain); a solo exhibition by Paul Graham (British, b. 1956) curated by Christopher McCall and organized by Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco. The...

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