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Time Kills: Moving Image from the Julia Stoschek Collection

This group exhibition is organized on the basis of an international collection put together by German collector Julia Stoschek is systematically and specially dedicated to what is conventionally called time-based art, expressed through mediatic and performative...

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Museo Coleção Berardo: André Romão “Fauna”

The exhibition will take place on the museum's floor 0. It is developed into four chapters—one for each room—guided by a free, speculative narrative line built around ideas on survival and the conditions for inhabiting the world, both physically and culturally....

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Fondazione Pastificio Cerere: Antonio Fiorentino “KIRIBATI”

Antonio Fiorentino will display, for the first time, a series of artworks created after hisstay, between July and August 2018, in the Kiribati islands, an insular country in Oceania made up of 33 scattered islands that cover an area ranging from a width of 4000km from...

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UCCA: ‘Civilization: the way we live now”

This monumental photography exhibition featuring over 250 artworks by more than 120 photographers from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, focuses on the development of human life on a global scale in the 21st century, and the patterns of...

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Nam June Paik: “Nam June Paik Media ‘n’ Mediea”

“Like McLuhan say, we are antenna for changing society. But not only antenna... My job is to see how establishment is working and to look for little holes where I can get my fingers in and tear away walls.” (Nam June Paik) Nam June Paik Art Center presents its new...

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K11 Atelier: “Glow Like That”

  “Glow Like That”  explores the luminary surfaces and reflective plane between one culture and another, and features artists who work with various types of glow and radiance including Advisory Board Crystals, Chen Wei, Chen Zhou, DeWain Valentine, Donna Huanca,...

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Kamel Lazaar Foundation: “Climbing Through the Tide”

B7L9  is an experimental art space imagined and developed by the Kamel Lazaar foundation (KLF) in Bhar Lazreg, commonly written B7ar Lazra9 phonetically which has given life to B7L9, a rural land whose landscape has morphed organically amidst the political vacuum in...

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Siebold House: “Japanese Nudes”

This exhibition illustrates the development of Japanese nude photography from the 19th century to the present. The works of over 30 top photographers, including Araki Nobuyoshi, Moriyama Daido, Hosoe Eikoh, Izu Kenro and Honjo Koro reveal their artistic vision of...

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Bonniers Konsthall: Torbjørn Rødland “Fifth Honeymoon”

Artist Torbjørn Rødland (TR) in conversation with Magnus af Petersens (MaP), curator and director at Bonniers Konsthall. MaP: Many of your photographs seem to be as much about tactility as visuality. There are many fluids, sticky substances and hands with fingertips,...

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