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Museum Kampa: Adolf Born ‘A Unique World’

The art of Adolf Born (1930 until 2016) became a permanent component of Czech visual culture. Its communicability and intensity, which already interconnects several generations, may be comparable perhaps only with the art of Josef Lada. Throughout his fruitful life,...

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Barberini: From Hopper to Rothko: America’s Road to Modern Art

For its secons exhibition, the Museum Barberini will present its first international cooperation project for which The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., had send 68 works of early American modern art to Germany for the first time. American art from the first...

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Garage: Raymond Pettibon ‘The Cloud of Misreading’

Following its tradition of introducing internationally renowned artists to a local audience, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first solo exhibition of Raymond Pettibon in Russia. A major part of the Garage summer exhibition season, the show—curated by...

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Garage: Sir David Adjaye ‘Form, Heft, Material’

This mid-career survey of Sir David Adjaye’s practice offers insight into the global architect’s unique approach to the built environment, highlighting the ways he weaves local geographies and cultural legacies into his celebrated designs. Showcasing over twenty...

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Beyeler Collection ‘Remix’

This second exhibition devoted to the Beyeler collection as a whole, provides an overview of its current activities and holdings. New acquisitions in recent years have augmented the previous collection with an additional focus on contemporary developments....

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Venet Foundation: Fred Sandback ‘Pedestrian Space’

The Minimalist artist Fred Sandback (1943-2003) made sculptures from wire, elastic cord, and more generally colored yarn stretched in space. He first appeared on the art scene in 1967 and starting in 1968 took part in all of the major exhibitions of the minimalist...

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Julia Stoschek Collection 10 years ‘Generation Loss’

After more than 15 exhibitions and eight international collaborative projects attracting over 100,000 visitors, JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION is now celebrating its 10th anniversary in June this year. The anniversary exhibition titled Generation Loss is being conceived in...

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Gulbenkian (Lisbon): Helmut Federle

This exhibition of the work and collections of the 17th century Moroccan and Japanese ceramics of the Swiss painter Helmut Federle is placed in dialogue with the Museum’s Islamic art ceramics, both in the space of the Islamic art Hall, at the permanent exhibition, as...

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Pulitzer Arts: Glenn Ligon ‘Blue Black’

American artist Glenn Ligon has guest-curated a lyrical meditation on the colors blue and black for the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. Regarded as one of the most significant artists of his generation, Ligon’s body of work critiques the complexities of American history,...

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Rupert Museum: Albert Adams ‘A Fractured History’

  Albert Adams' remarkable, monumental triptychs, South Africa 1959, dubbed his Guernica, along with South Africa 1958-59 (Deposition) featuring his black Christ are central to this exhibition. Adams remains an important voice in South Africa, while being...

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Parasol Unit: Monique Frydman

Monique Frydman’s abstract paintings are a vibrant embodiment of colour and light. Soft lines are produced through frottage, a technique for which the artist rubs pastel on to an unstretched canvas that has been placed over a tangle of cord or string, then often...

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Het Depot: Marti de Greef

  The strong physical presence and attraction of Marti de Greef's sculptures is central to his body of work. Even though his sculptures have become increasingly abstract over the years, the play with shape ratios and volume never leads to the estrangement of the...

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Fundação de Serralves: Julie Mehretu

  Occupying the central gallery and rooms of the left wing of the Museum, this important exhibition presents 20 years of paintings and drawings by Julie Mehretu (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1970) - from 1996 to the present day. Mehretu is one of the most important...

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Thoma Foundation: ‘Shadow and Space’

Shadow and Space bring together painting and sculpture in which artists use unconventional materials to find new forms. Inspired by the Light & Space movement of Southern California in the 1960s, the exhibition dovetails on that genre’s innovative use of lighting...

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