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Jan Michalski Foundation: “Roman Graphique | Graphic Novel”

The American author and cartoonist Will Eisner (1917-2005) is generally credited with coining the term graphic novel. By placing the term on the cover of his 1978 book A Contract with God with the hope of seeing the tome shelved in the literature section of...

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Capp 500 Street Foundation: Mike Kelley

The 500 Capp Street Foundation is proud to present one of the most influential artists of our time: Mike Kelley (1954–2012). The David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street is a body in question, the former home cum museum of late Bay Area conceptualist David Ireland. 500...

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Museum Voorlinden: Armando

Voorlinden had planned a retrospective of Armando in the spring of 2019. This show would have been dedicated to the artist’s ninetieth birthday. Armando (1929-2018) passed away on 1 July in Potsdam (Germany). Director Suzanne Swarts: “We had planned on celebrating...

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Magasin III & Accelerator: Janine Antoni “Moor”

  This fall on Stockholm University’s campus, Accelerator displays two works large-scale installations by Janine Antoni: Moor (2001) and Touch (2002). This exhibition is made in close collaboration with Magasin III. Moor (2001) will be displayed in the Aula Magna...

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Sharjah Art Foundation: Amal Kenawy

This first retrospective exhibition of the varied practice of artist Amal Kenawy (1974–2012) since her passing will bring together a full range of the artist’s works, from animation, painting, drawing, sketches and journals to video works, installations, performance...

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Fundació Joan Miró: Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain

The Fundació Joan Miró presents Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain, the first exhibition that examines the American photographer's role in the development of the surrealist movement. Through Miller's eye, the exhibition reconstructs one of the least known moments of...

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Fondazione Merz: Petrit Halilaj “Shkrepëtima”

Petrit Halilaj (Kostërrc, Skenderaj-Kosovo 1986) is the winner of the art category of the Mario Merz Prize second edition, the biannual international award for art and music, inaugurated by the Fondazione Merz. The newly commissioned solo exhibition in Turin is the...

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Wånas Konst: NATSUKASHII “Memory of Scent”

Odour and memory are deeply interconnected and culturally influenced. Swedish, British, French and Japanese artists have approached olfactory art in various ways. They have created artworks that invite exploration of nostalgic (Natsukashii) responses to smell,...

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Cue Art Foundation: James Yakimicki “Knitty Griddy”

This solo exhibition by James Yakimicki, curated by Gregory Amenoff, of 8 large-scale oil paintings and several drawings presents both a natural and drone-like vision of the world, mediated through nature, civilization, and technological apparatuses. Yakimicki’s...

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Aperture: Chloe Dewe Mathews: “Caspian: The Elements”

In 2010, the artist Chloe Dewe Mathews traveled overland from China to the U.K., where she currently lives and works. When she arrived on the shores of the Caspian Sea, she began documenting scenes that intrigued her: stonemasons with their faces covered, building...

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Pirelli HangarBicocca: Mario Merz “Igloos”

This show by Mario Merz (Milan, 1925–2003 is bringing together his most iconic group of works: the igloos, dating from 1968 until the end of his life. Curated by Vicente Todolí, Artistic Director of Pirelli HangarBicocca and realised in collaboration with Fondazione...

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