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Kadist Ad Minoliti, “The Feminist School of Painting”

The Feminist School of Painting is a solo exhibition by Ad Minoliti. Culminating her residency at KADIST, the project will transform the galleries into an active classroom with new murals of vibrant silhouettes of animals, landscapes, and geometrical forms....

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Fondation Louis Vuitton: Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele’s work embodies the spirit of early 20th century Vienna. In just a few years, his drawing emerged as one of the peaks of expressionism. At odds with the Academy, which he entered at a very young age, he founded the Neukunstgruppe in 1909 and, thanks to...

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Sobey Art Foundation: Sobey Art Award 2018

Work created by the five finalists for the 2018 Sobey Art Award is the focus of the new contemporary art exhibition: Joi T. Arcand, Jordan Bennett, Kapwani Kiwanga, Jeneen Frei Njootli and Jon Rafman present works that explore Cree syllabics and public space, kinship,...

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Fondation Louis Vuitton: Jean-Michel Basquiat

120 defining works of Jean-Michel Basquiat that cover the artist’s whole career from 1980-1988 are installed across all four floors of Frank Gehry’s spectacular building, the exhibition includes many firsts. This exhibition will be an opportunity to see Basquiat...

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Wanås Konst: Marianne Lindberg De Geer

In this year's Revisit at Wanås Konst, we get to know the work of Swedish artist Marianne Lindberg De Geer. In her work she uses different media, and moves with equal doses of humor and seriousness in great leaps from Pippi Longstocking and cuddly rabbits, to...

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Fondation A Stichting: Paolo Gasparini “Latino Policy”

Paolo Gasparini, born in 1934 in Gorizia in the Italian Friuli, emigrated in 1954 to Venezuela. The portraits and many other pictures do from his early period reminiscent of Paul Strand and Walker Evans, but soon he began to explore the limits of the fixed image....

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Sharjah Art Foundation: Frank Bowling “Mappa Mundi”

Focusing on the artist’s impressive map paintings, the exhibition Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi [Map of the World] presents an overview of major developments in Frank Bowling’s practice, exploring the artist’s engagement with history, migration, memory and representation...

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Sharjah Art Foundation: Ala Younis “Steps toward the impossible”

Best known for her projects informed by extensive research, Ala Younis has explored the formation of the modern Arab world and the potential for renewed thought and action that the era continues to inspire. She examines major issues of the modern day—nationalism,...

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Kadist: “Moving Stones”

Reflecting on the relationship between History and memory, the group exhibition Moving Stones focuses on the body as a site of engagement to address our collective past embodied in public monuments. Despite their differences, public monuments and human bodies also...

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Norval Foundation: Wim Botha “Heliostat”

Wim Botha brings together key works in the South African artist’s career spanning two decades and is organised around the idea of refraction. Refraction, as understood in optics, is the transformation of light, the increasing or decreasing of its wavelengths, as it...

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Marabou Parken: Rudy Loewe “Sharing Knowledges”

  Welcome to Sharing Knowledges, where Rudy Loewe explores themes of organising within our communities through drawing and painting. How do we build a sense of collectivity and how do we form strategies for working together? Rudy is an artist and organiser from London...

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Fondation Clément:”BUENA VISTA, Contemporary Art in Cuba”

Cuba immediately evokes rum and cigars, but the real wealth of Cuba lies in its culture or rather in its cultures: Spanish, French, American and of course Caribbean. The island has become a crossroads for literature, dance, music and cinema. The exhibition "Buena...

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Marciano Art Foundation: Ai Wei Wei “Life Cycle”

This third MAF Project in the Theater Gallery, a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, is his first major institutional exhibition in Los Angeles and will feature the new and unseen work Life Cycle (2018) – a sculptural response to the global refugee crisis....

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Schering Stiftung: Cecilia Jonsson “Contemporary Diagram – Berlin”

  Can frequencies and melodies influence the growth and formations of bacteria in the sewage? This question is explored by the Swedish artist Cecilia Jonsson in her project “Contemporary Diagram – Berlin,” initiated and organized by singuhr –projekte. During a project...

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Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation: an interview with Mr. Boustany

FOUNDER-DIRECTOR OF THE FRANCIS BACON MB ART FOUNDATION The trigger that led to the creation of your Foundation seems remarkable to us; it was the encounter with a work by Bacon and the emotion that followed that put you on this long but passionate path of creating a...

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