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Vincent Van Gogh: The Simple Life

Bringing together a selection of works by contemporary and historical artists, this autumn’s collective exhibition spotlights our conceptions of a life of simplicity. In a wealth of free associations, it explores the fantasies and waves of nostalgia conjured by its...

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Gulbenkian: “The Exposition of a Dream’

This exhibition has been conceived in a very specific place: the garden of Gulbenkian in Lisbon. Designed by António Viana Barreto and Gonçalo Ribeiro Telle in the 60's, the garden surrounds currently the building where the dream of Calouste Gulbenkian is taking shape...

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Villa Empain: ‘Ways of Seeing’

Taking its cue from John Berger’s 1972 seminal text on visual culture, Ways of Seeing explores the various formalistic strategies that artists employ to re-configure our perception of the world. Marking the second collaboration between the Boghossian Foundation and...

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Faurschou Beijing: Erik Parker ‘Virtual Reality Art’

Erik Parker's Virtual Reality piece introduces viewers to the artist’s colourful universe, previously only seen in two-dimensional form. Switchstance Bay unfolds Parker’s tropical universe from 2014, Foreign Resistance. When entering the realm of Virtual Reality, the...

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Fondation Beyeler: Paul Klee

The exhibition is devoted to a previously little explored aspect of Paul Klee’s work, namely abstraction. In the first half of the twentieth century, the move away from figurativeness and the development of abstract art became a key theme for many European artists....

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Het Depot: ‘Fertility’

The theme of the exhibition at sculpture gallery the Depot is fertility. The images come from the fixed group of sculptors involved in the filing. By Verde and Petra Boshart are several images that were previously not documented in the Depot were part of the...

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Fondation Indigo: Kees Stoop ‘The Later Years’

Kees Stoop (1929, Werkendam, the Netherlands) was trained at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp. He lives and works in the east of Holland since the early 1960's. Despite the fact that Kees Stoop as a visual artist works in relative isolation and hardly...

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Wanås Konst: Jennifer Forsberg ‘Land Tax’

  In 2017, Wanås Konst is expanding in time and space. Jennifer Forsberg, who works in Österlen in Skåne, is the first artist to extend Wanås Konst’s indoor season. Clay is a material with great scope and a sort of language, argues ceramist Mårten Medbo in his...

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Voorlinden: Shio Kusaka & Jonas Wood

 This is their first two-person exhibition in Europe for the artist couple Shio Kusaka (b. 1972) and Jonas Wood (b. 1977). Wood, an American painter from Boston, and Kusaka, a ceramic artist from Japan, live and work in Los Angeles. Voorlinden would like to introduce...

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Raven Row: Gianfranco Baruchello ‘Incidents of Lesser Account’

Although Gianfranco Baruchello (born 1924, Livorno, Italy) has been exhibiting internationally for over 50 years, this is the first show in the UK to survey his work. A polymath and self-taught artist, Baruchello was in dialogue with experimental writers (for instance...

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Garage: Takashi Murakami ‘Under the Radiation Falls’

This exhibition is the first major survey of Takashi Murakami's work in Russia and will span several periods of the artist’s career from the mid-1990s to now. Presenting his work in the broader context of Japanese culture for the first time, the exhibition pays homage...

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Fondation François Schneider ‘Kunstart’

The Kunstart exhibition showcases the work of the eight award-winning artists of the kunstart competition, all students or graduates of the region’s art schools, representing three nationalities and embodying the creative vibrancy of the Rhineland. Jules Andrieu,...

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Fondazione Berengo: Robert Wilson in Glass

Following the success of its debut during The Venice Glass Week, this unique exhibition of glass artworks by the renowned stage director, designer and visual artist is held in the context of Glasstress 2017 For the first time in Italy, Wilson’s glass artworks arrive...

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Fundaçio Suñol: Fernando Vijande ‘Portrait 1971-1987’

The big bet of 2017 at the Fundació Suñol revolves around the figure of Fernando Vijande, an exhibition that will take up all the showrooms available, including the Nivell Zero. 51 artists will participate on this tour around Vijande’s career, an art dealer and an art...

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Sara Hildén Art Museum : Robert Longo

The black-and-white visual world of the American artist Robert Longo (b. 1953) challenges our conception of the Truth. It produces unexpected analogies between content and form. The main focus of the exhibition Robert Longo, presented by the Sara Hildén Art Museum, is...

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