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25 January 2021
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The year 2022 makes a vibrant start at the Art Foundations: this month we chose three exhibitions where the human experience is at its centre: whether the groupe show ‘Flesh Arranges Itself Differently’, organized by The Roberts Institute of Art (with The Huntarian in Scotland) the human and the landscape in “The Rearview Landscape, or a Trip of Ownership” at UCCA Dune in China or the Kiki Smith ‘Inner Bodies‘ at the Fondation Thalie in Belgium.
Next to that we like to draw your attention to a rare chance to see the collection of the Fondation la Treille at the Fondation l’Hermitage in Switzerland and, finally, to meet the American artist Guadalupe Maravilla, recipient of the The Lise Wilhelmsen Art Award at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway.

The Roberts Institute of Art (UK)

‘Flesh Arranges Itself Differently’ is an exploration of the varied ways in which artists have evoked bodily experiences, often in response to the impacts of technology, spirituality or mortality.The exhibition, held in Glascow, Scotland, is the result of a unique collaboration between The Hunterian, University of Glasgow and the David and Indrė Roberts Collection.
Artists featured from both collections are:
Rita Ackermann | Horst Ademeit | Michael Armitage | Huma Bhabha | Christine Borland | Miriam Cahn | Michael Dean | Jimmie Durham | Ayan Farah | Ilana Halperin | Tamara Henderson | Loie Hollowell | Yayoi Kusama | Liliane Lijn | Eduardo Paolozzi | Robert Rauschenberg | Michael E Smith | Danh Võ
image: Michael Armitage ‘Sun Wukong in Gachie, 2015, photo Steven White



Fondation l’Hermitage (CH)


Fondation de l’Hermitage in Lausanne has the honor to host Switzerland’s first exhibition featuring a selection of masterpieces from the Fondation des Treilles, based in the southern French village of Tourtour (Var).
Created by the visionary patron Anne Gruner Schlumberger (1905-1993), this collection includes works by Hans Arp, Georges Braque, Victor Brauner, Jean Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Paul Klee, François-Xavier Lalanne, Henri Laurens, Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso and Takis (photo)

UCCA Dune (CN)

Considering landscape as a medium, context-specific works by nine artists open up new perspectives and re-examine from various angles the relationships between human and nature, and between self and world. UCCA Dune in Beidaihe (China) presents this group show, curated by UCCA Curator Yan Fang, under the title “The Rearview Landscape, or a Trip of Ownership”.  Through the overlapping of these landscapes and the dialogue between them, the artists attempt to reveal hidden inner connections and power games beneath the surface of our world.
Participating artists include Vajiko Chachkhiani, Liu Yujia, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin, Shen Xin, Su Yu Hsin, Su Yu-Xin, Wang Wei, and Tant Zhong.
Image: Su YuXin ‘With or Without the Sun‘, 2021


  Fondation Thalie (BE)

The Fondation Thalie in Brussels opens the year with an exhibition by the American artist Kiki Smith.’ Inner Bodies ‘brings together a corpus of some thirty works – including sculptures, tapestries and ceramics – made throughout the 2000s, most of which are presented in Brussels for the first time.
The artist’s desire to represent the materiality of bodies is evident, as well as cosmogony through cultures. Her work epitomizes a feminine pantheon, in forests inhabited by a cosmic bestiary. “Things aren’t hidden: you just have to learn to observe them. I might be a dilettante or a bee gathering nectar. I have a mission to accomplish, but the trajectory is random. Art takes root in me.” The entire story of the world resides in the work of Kiki Smith.

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Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (NO)

Last year Guadalupe Maravilla (b. 1976, El Salvador) was the recipient of the The Lise Wilhelmsen Art Award, including this exhibition at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Høvidkodden in Norway.
Maravilla is a visual artist working and residing in Brooklyn, New York. In 1984, aged eight, Maravilla immigrated to the United States as an undocumented, unaccompanied child, fleeing civil war in El Salvador. When as an adult, he was diagnosed with cancer, Maravilla was treated with radiation and chemotherapy alongside his own healing practices and became cancer free. Both events have had an impact on Maravilla’s artistic practice and are present in his artworks.



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                                                       ‘Another Fucking Day’ – Federico Pepe                                                                                                                                    


On the occasion of the group exhibition at Assab One 2004 (Milan, Italy) – La nuova generazione artistica in Italia, the artist Federico Pepe created the butter biscuit ANOTHER FUCKING DAY, which was then vacuum-packed in transparent plastic.

Sold by Assab One

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