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Traveling through the World of Art Foundations (14)


18 November 2021
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With Joseph Beuys ‘On Printed Matter‘ at Schloss Moylandin Bedburg-Hau (DE), the confrontation betweenAlberto Giacometti and Barbara Chase-Riboud at the Giacometti Foundation in Paris (FR), Andrew Levitas’ installation Minamata at theBasil and Elise Goulandris Foundations in Athens (GR); the intense paintings of Marina Perez Simã”Observatory ‘ at Sifang Art Museum in Nanking (CN) and, finally, the different shades of blue/s at ESMoA in el Segundo (US) we gradually bring colour into this newsletter.
Due to Covid measurers, please check the foundation’s website for unforeseen changes.


Schloss Moyland (DE)

In the year memorating the hundredth birthday the influential artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) Schloss Moyland in Bedburg-Hau (DE) has (re)-opened the exhibition: “Joseph Beuys – On Printed Matter”.
Newspapers in particular played a significant role for Beuys. Several of his works stand in the tradition of the Dadaists. But Beuys also opened up new perspectives on the subject by conceiving newspapers as a store of knowledge and stacking them as batteries or deliberately altering them through the application of paint to opened newspaper pages. Later, he used printed matter and newspapers to explain and disseminate his concept of ‘social sculpture’.

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Fondation Giacometti (FR)

Sculptor, poet, and novelist, Barbara Chase-Riboud (born 1939 in Philadelphia, US) met Giacometti in the early 1960s when she moved to Paris. Created in close collaboration with the artist, curated by Emilie Bouvard, this exhibition at the Fondation Giacometti in Paris (FR) places Giacometti’s famous female figures under the gaze of a sculptor who, for decades, has traced an original sculptural path between the American and French scenes. This is the first exhibition devoted to the artist in Paris since 1974.


Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation (GR)


At the moment the B&E Goulandris Foundation in Athens (GR), is hosting an exhibition, curated by Marie Koutsomallis-Moreau, of an art installation acclaimed American filmmaker and artist Andrew Levitas, as part of his multidisciplinary project ‘Minamata’.
Focusing on aluminum, a material that is recyclable and can stand the test of time, Andrew Levitas’ seven large metal sculptures highlight the ambiguity, the duality and the contradiction that define man’s relationship with nature and mankind’s technological advancement. The installation is the final part of the ‘Minamata’ project, which further includes the film Minamata, starring Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy and Minami.

Sifang Art Museum (CN)

The first major museum solo exhibition ‘Observatory’ in Nanking (CN) of the Brazilian artist Marina Perez SimãObservatory‘in the Sifang Art Museum, is curated by Diana Campbell.
Simão’s paintings take us into seductive thresholds of an alien world, spiraling through the outer limits of expression into forcefields where colors seem to become verbs and where lines vibrate with a musical resonance. She transfigures tonality by using hot and cold hues that create an unexpected contrast in color palette that evoke and hold light in unusual ways, almost like lanterns.


  ESMoA (US)

In the current exhibition at ESMoA (El Segundo, US)‘blue/s’ is a mood. It takes form as the trick that appears as abundance in both the sea and the sky and the scarcity in both flora and fauna. There are the sonic vibrations that traveled from west Africa to the deep south of the United States, those frequencies which evoke pain, desire, pleasure, purpose, resistance, terror.
‘blue/s’ is a group exhibition featuring the work of Turiya Adkins, Alicia Piller, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Kris Chau, June Edmonds, Meg Fransee, Maurice Harris, Micah James, Dane Johnson, Muna Malik, Ambrose Murray, Se Young Au, Gabriel Rivera, Jihaari Terry and Nathan Wong.

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