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McEvoy Foundation for the Arts: “Orlando”

Orlando presents recent and newly commissioned photographs inspired by the themes of Virginia Woolf’s prescient 1928 novel, which tells the story of a young nobleman during the era of Queen Elizabeth I who lives for three centuries without ageing and mysteriously...

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Adam Pendleton “Elements of Me”

Adam Pendleton’s exhibition considers the relations between (geometric) abstraction, blackness, and languages of collectivity. Three basic shapes—square, triangle, and circle—are the refrains in this room-sized installation. Pendleton is a New York-based artist known...

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Magazzino Italian Art Foundation: “Homemade”

From July 9 through September 7, 2020, Magazzino presents Homemade, a special exhibition of new work created by eight New York-based Italian artists—including Alessandro Teoldi, Andrea Mastrovito, Beatrice Scaccia, Danilo Correale, Davide Balliano, Francesco Simeti,...

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Esker Foundation: “Katie Ohe”

Esker Foundation is pleased to present an in-depth look at Katie Ohe’s sculptural practice and her unparalleled approach to material, form, space, and movement. This exhibition will bring together sculptural work spanning six decades of Ohe’s remarkable career,...

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Transformer Station: Aaron Rothman “Signal Noise”

A photograph “takes the world and makes it into something else,” says Aaron Rothman, whose interest lies in transformative rather than documentary photography. This exhibition surveys 10 years of Rothman’s studies of the landscape of the American West, a region with...

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CUE Art Foundation: “Lull, lulla, lullen”

Lull, lulla, lullen is a weekly installment of collaborative performances that draw upon the lullaby—songs that have served to soothe and express worry, while also passing down cultural knowledge. One of the ways moments of isolation, uncertainty, and mourning can...

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Fundación Jumex: Mario García Torres “Solo”

Museo Jumex presents a solo project by Mario García Torres. Produced in response to the temporary closure of cultural institutions and abrupt changes to artists’ production as a result of the current pandemic, García Torres will occupy a vacant gallery in the museum...

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KADIST: Jeamin Cha “(Home)sickness”

During her recent residency at KADIST San Francisco, Jeamin Cha expanded on her ongoing research into depression and the social norms and structures that contribute to its increasingly widespread impact. This research culminated in the production of her solo...

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di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art: Davina Semo “Core Reflections”

Although di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art's exhibition space is closed, you can view a virtual tour of the exhibition online. Visit: http://www.dirosaart.org/core-reflections-davina-semo/ ............................. Davina Semo’s exhibition Core Reflections marks...

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di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art: Jim Drain “Membrane”

Although di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art's exhibition space is closed, you can view an online tour of this exhibition. Visit: http://www.dirosaart.org/jim-drain-membrane/ ....................... Jim Drain’s long-term installation Membrane marks one of two...

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